I’m all for anime original content at times, as some of it can be pretty damned awesome.

But with a show like DxD, where there are 18+ light novels of content, and the show only having got through 7 of them? I find it out of place, annoying, and all in all rather lazy of the show writers to not use content readily available.

And yes, this is why this review is delayed – I wanted to wait until the show ended before going through the episodes.


In short – they’re not worth reviewing, they were so bad. Not only did they completely retcon several points that were covered in the light novels, but they also used parts of the story that won’t be seen until volume 12. Talk about spoiling it for the anime watchers.

Either way, the plot? Loki’s curse ends up turning Rias into another Welsh Dragon in Balance Breaker mode by using a shard of Issei’s armour found from the fight with the Old Satan crew. Not impressed considering this is part of what breaks the Light Novel canon quite severely.

What’s so silly about the whole fight is that Issei and Rias come back from the Dimension gap, which is where Rias was sent (a plot used previously with Asia) they don’t even remember the fight.

Way to use the anime original content, peeps.

But lets talk about the good stuff.

We see Beelzebub upgrading Issei’s evil pieces by modifying them slightly. As he is the creator of the chess system, he is able to do so. Not much is revealed about it, and even Draig doesn’t know what the changes are, per say. I imagine this will be covered next season, if there will be one (lets hope this crappy one doesn’t overshadow the awesome that is the series) so lets hope for that.

The second half of the last episode goes back to canon material, with Rosseweiss joining Rias’ peerage as the second Rook. Issei and Asia win the 3 legged race they had been training for, and the episode ends open ended, as it should.

Out of 5:


Final Thoughts:

This series has been a mix. It’s widely known that of the light novels, the Loki saga is the weakest link within the whole series thus far. Therefore, of the seasons predeceasing this one, season three had some of the best parts and also a lot of the worst. The anime original content was unneeded and pointless, but that’s by far the more random point here.

The animation was choppy at best in some of the episodes, but pretty decent in others. Several episodes were very off model and lackluster.

Music was well placed and decent.

And I think I’ve already covered the plot.

Character development for this arc, however, was fairly substantial, with many of the characters overcoming many aspects that were an issue to them. Gasper embracing the populous, Akeno coming to terms with her powers and her father, and Issei starting to move on from his past with his first date, all the way from back in season 1.

Overall, this was one of the weaker seasons of DxD, but I look forward to better seasons in the future.

Out of 5: