It’s time for the summer anime season!  What surprises will await us this time?

Well this series was certainly a… surprise…


Hayato is our main character, who has just lost the student council presidency to a charismatic girl named Ui.  Ui is apparently lusted over loved by most of the school, due to her personality and her beauty.  Hayato (now student council vice president) has to work with her on the student council.

*beginning of episode* Main protag-kun is actually kinda cute. *end up episode* you know what nevermind

One night, Hayato finds Ui demanding to move in with him.  Apparently when they were just three years old, their parents (who were good friends) decided to arrange a marriage between the two.  Ui seems fairly cheerful about the whole ordeal, while Hayato acts suitably horrified.  That night, Ui tries to get Hayato to sleep with her, but he realizes that she’s ambivalent about the whole thing.  So he tries to scare her off, but may have gone further than intended…

What kind of girl–no, person–would be this okay with an arranged marriage???

My Opinion:

Oh boy.  Let me give some background info on this series first.  I’m watching the Crunchyroll subs and they have two versions of this episode up—an uncensored and a censored version.  The censored version basically censors the condoms that Ui throws to the crowd in the beginning (…it makes sense in context), and also the entire bedroom scene at the end.  There is… really no delicate way of saying this so here goes: Ui kisses Hayato’s ring finger to signify love or something, so Hayato tries to scare her off by saying he’ll kiss her left breast instead.  She forces him to grab her boob and then Hayato ends up… sucking her left nipple.  You guys still there?  Okay, ANYWAY…

When I watched the uncensored version, I was pretty shocked that they actually animated that.  From my experience, the only difference between censored and uncensored anime was that the uncensored one just had nudity; not something THAT suggestive.  To be honest, I kinda prefer the censored version of the episode more, because that scene was just really fucking creepy.  Even though Ui “initiated” the encounter, Hayato was still pretty much molesting Ui.  Geeze Hayato, do you really have such terrible lack of self control?  I’m female but I’m sure most guys wouldn’t just go straight to tit sucking after a boob grab like that.  :/

Overall… I didn’t like this series, and I’m actually glad that this is only an 8 minute anime, because it felt so much longer than that.  The fanservice here isn’t even the most heinous thing about the episode, it’s all the consent issues brought up in the last two or so minutes.  This series isn’t even skirting the “ecchi” line; this anime is full-on ecchi.  I guess if you like that sort of thing, then this series is for you?  There was a decent attempt at some sort of plot (even if it was dumb and clichéd as hell) and the character designs aren’t too bad.  The animation is actually fairly good for it being an anime short.  But seriously, this anime knows who it’s catering to and is not ashamed to show it.

Out of five:

precure heart2

Sorry, this just isn’t my thing.

This weird paper cut-out scene appears during the whole bedroom fiasco in the censored version. And I actually kinda prefer it.