Since I’m still waiting on my planned FIs to air/get subbed, have another bonus review since I had the time.

This OP lies.


Hotaru is a high school girl who usually dresses up as a boy and loves fighting for justice.  As she’s moving into her new apartment (where she’ll be living alone), she meets her neighbor who is a strange, play-boy type man.  Hotaru gets angry at him “talking about dirty things” on the phone and punches a hole in his apartment door.  The man just takes it all in stride.  Just as Hotaru is about to go into her apartment, she notices that the man has dropped a gun and is understandably freaked out.

Really could have had that explanation without the awkward chest-groping, Kaname.

The day after at school, Hotaru meets with her friend, Kaname.  Kaname seems to be having some money problems caused by her going to a host bar, and Hotaru runs off before Kaname can explain.  Hotaru, thinking that some host guy seduced her friend and swindled her out of money, goes to the host bar and demands to see the manager.  She instead meets with Masamune, who was the same man she saw the other day.

I really dislike Masamune.

Masamune mentions that he did interact with Kaname, to which Hotaru challenges him to a fight.  But Masamune challenges Hotaru to his own game, which is fighting… with BB pellet guns.  So the gun that Hotaru saw the day before was just a toy one, and Hotaru is somewhat relieved.  The two quickly choose their guns and begin the battle.  Hotaru nearly wins, but runs out of bullets, so Masamune wins by default.  As the loser, Hotaru is recruited by Masamune to join his team as they compete in BB gun tournaments.  Also, it turns out that Kaname’s situation was all just a misunderstanding.

Too bad Hotaru’s out of bullets.

My Opinion:

This anime is so anime it almost hurts.  By that I mean that this series takes every little thing way too seriously and over dramatically; and seems to think that it’s being real cool when it’s actually just ridiculous.  I actually can’t figure out the tone that this series is trying to go for, unless that tone is pure narm… in which case they nailed it.

The OP for this series was so ridiculously serious and angst-y that when the episode started proper, I was a bit confused.  We get introduced to Hotaru, who’s as big as a ham as you can get, who fights off some bullies and then gets chest-groped by her friend.  Okay.  Then later she meets with Masamune who acts really weird and creepy, and we find out he has a gun.  Just when things start getting serious, we get the weird host club plot with Kaname and Hotaru rushes off rearing to fight.  Then in her second meeting with Masamune, he straight up SHOOTS HER in the gut—but it’s all fine and dandy because they’re just using toy guns!  Then the gun fighting starts and geeze I just can’t take this series seriously at all.

The BB guns thing was probably the biggest fake-out I’ve seen in anime.  Going into this series blind, I really thought that this was going to be some really dramatic show where everyone fights with guns in some sort of war and tries to survive.  But in the end, it’s all just… fun and games.  I’m sure they won’t be having any trouble drumming up the drama though; if the OP is to be believed.

Admittedly I’m not liking the characters too much so far.  Masamune’s personality is all over the place, being dorky one moment and extremely suave the next.  I get the feeling he’s meant to be some kind of cutesy play-boy, but he was just really grating to me.  Also, his special ability that makes him really good at BB gun fights is that he has “kinetic vision.”  Which he honed from being a host.  I just… what.

Hotaru is actually pretty cool—she’s a cross-dressing girl who actually looks and acts like a boy; compared to so many other series in the past where it’s pretty obvious that they’re girls.  But I just don’t get her personality.  She doesn’t seem to be forced into wearing boy clothes, so I assume that’s what she chooses to wear.  But yet she seems annoyed when people mistake her for a boy?  Okay then.

Overall, Aoharu x Machinegun is a great series to watch if you want some laughs I guess, because this series is narm personified.  Sadly, even for a first episode, the animation quality wasn’t that great, which isn’t exactly a good sign of things to come.  I can’t find myself reviewing something this ridiculous, but I might just watch it here and there for kicks.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2

I don’t even know with this series, man.

Let me tell you, I laughed for ages over this.