Crikey what a mouthful! In more ways than one, ehehehehe~



This series is one of those boy meet girl series’s but with a premise unlike what I’ve seen thus far.

Japan has become a land of no obscenity, basically. It’s basically what you can imagine would happen if the conservatives took over the world and banned everything even remotely related to sex as well as profanity.

So one ‘terrorist’ fights against the system – runs around nude and throws handfuls of risqué images into the air to rain down on an unsuspecting public. To be honest, considering what I’ve heard about Japan and the abundance of porn not only readily available from the local 7/11, but also plastered all over the insides of trains as normal advertisements? An anime like this is pretty interesting all things considered.

The plot is pretty simple – everyone wears bands around their wrists and throat to detect obscenities spoken aloud and the government descends on them like the FBI looking for illegal downloaders. A girl who goes to the school noted for top ‘morals’ happens to be this terrorist that goes around throwing pictures of woman (and men I assume) in various states of undress and picks out a boy to help her. Apparently, his father was once a ‘terrorist’ of the same breed.

This whole outfit is hilarious though XD;

And thus, Takunichi, the male lead, is black mailed into helping our felon Kajou – aka Blue Snow – into her schemes in starting the gang called SOX – a very obvious censored word for sex.

With a flurry of pictures that rain down on the school during an assembly, she achieves showing off how people are supposed to have sex with a very graphic voice over to footage of flies mating:

I can see a generation of insect furries appear from this.

which works.

Whether or not I pick this series up or not remains to be seen, but if you want some good old fashioned stupid with your anime season, I think this is the one to do it.

Out of 5,