If there is anything this franchise is known for, it’s flashy entrance songs, mecha girls and really, really bad German.

No matter what anyone says, one can’t deny this show is really damned gorgeous.

So Symphogear has had mixed reviews, but as it’s on it’s third season, and the animation budget still as loaded as ever, I think I can safely say that it’s a pretty well established series with a decent story and whatnot to it. For certain, the music certainly is very good, as that’s what the story is centred on, and as always, the ever present animation never fails to impress.

The story centres on the near future, musical warriors wielding armour known as Symphogear fight against an alien race known as the Noise. Hibiki Tachibana, a girl who was rescued from the Noise two years ago by a Symphogear user named Kanade, who died in the ensuing battle, ends up inheriting her power to fight against the Noise. Over the course of the two seasons, we have discovered the cause of the Noise, and a group of people who want to destroy the world for their own agenda, as well as a group of people who want to save the world for their own agenda.

What Symphogear has going for it is it’s high paced action, excellent animation and good songs. The series IS about music saving the world, after all (the power being song). Her, partnered with her best friend Miku (who supports her from the side, though in season 2 she was used against Hibiki at one point) she takes other Symphogear users and slowly but surely turns them over to the ‘good side’ that is her team.

From a girl who literally had the shards of one of the Relics blasted into her chest, Hibiki has come a very long way into developing into the leader of the gang currently formed.

Hellz yeah.

Season 3 takes place right after season 2 ended. Maria, one of the antagonist from season 2 ends up forming a pretty solid alliance with the main team, consisting of Hibiki, Chris, Tsubasa as well as newcomers Shirabe and Kirika, who featured on Maria’s team. We burst straight into action with episode one with the rescue of Nastassja’s body from a ship descending to Earth uncontrolled. The trio save the spacecraft from destruction, all the while cutting a mountain clean in half and decimating a forest.

We go straight on to Tsubasa and Maria’s concert – which is visually stunning as always. Things, as is tradition, go to hell after the concert is over with some kind of android challenging a now defenceless Maria to battle (as Hibiki has her shard of the relic Gungnir) while another girl, a strange mage, ends up fighting against Hibiki. A new type of enemy of the human and robotic variety are now the face of the antagonist this season, and I’ll be interested to see how this season goes.

Symphogear has had mixed reviews that generally are very positive with fans. The bad Engrish in season one and bad German overall turned off many international viewers who dislike bastardising languages, but hey, tell me of a show that’s never done that to latin. 

I look forward to watching this series, though I won’t be blogging it as the lore is far too rich to start from season 3. I recommend, for those curious however, to at least check out season 1. It’s a decent series that DOES tend to lag in the middle, in both seasons so far, but the ending tends to be worth it.

Out of 5,