I get some sincere Death Note’s Light vibes from the main character, and not in a good way.

Captain asshole is in the house.

Our delightful main character Yuu has the ability to possess a person for 5 seconds only. He uses this ability to cheat on tests in order to get ahead in life by possessing the smartest kids in the class. However, after he gets into the top highschool of his area, he is caught out with his ability by others who share different, strange talents. He is forced to enrol in a different highschool with other gifted youngsters and is forced to try and find others who are abusing their powers, too.

Talk about irony. This is like what should’ve happened in Death Note but in the first episode instead of the last. It gave me immense and I mean immense satisfaction to see this arrogant dick get shot down a notch, and not only that. He put his sights on the most popular girl on the school and got her, but due to the move to the new school, she dumped him.

She dumped him.

Haha. Suck on eggs boy.

loved it. This so called madonna of the school has claws. I really did enjoy this episode for that alone. I swear this anime is Death Note’s anti-christ.

Regardless, the animation and the story looks incredibly interesting. So far we’ve got a few characters who’ve displayed ‘incomplete’ powers, with Yuu’s ability being the only complete one. I find that interesting, and the fact that there is a potentially missing family member that neither he nor his younger sister can remember. This series looks like it will have some mysteries, and I’m interested to see how things go.

Out of 5,