An anime of this age, I don’t think needs an introduction. But for those unsure, here goes nothing!

The lovable dork is back

Dragonball Z Super takes place after the end of Dragonball Z, 6 months after the defeat of Buu and after the new movie that aired a little while ago, Battle of Gods. Lives go on as always for everyone. Goku is working and Gohan is preparing to marry Videl. Mr. Satan is raking in the credit for ‘saving the world’, but he has at least mellowed at least and seen that the Z warriors are the true heroes of the world and gift Goku’s family with 100 million zeni from the Nobel Peace Prize. Danger looms with the Kai’s seeing more planets destroyed.

So. We begin again with an old legend.

D’aww, they’re still so cute.

Something I always disliked with the Dragonball story was the addition of Dragonball GT – an anime original story that continued the adventures of the characters as well as adding content that in reality…. didn’t make a lot of sense. I was thrilled to hear Takao Koyama was getting behind the newest movies AND also the newest season to continue the story of these muscle bound idiots.

I never liked GT. A lot of people never liked GT, and not because of it’s origins but because it made no sense in the grand scheme of things. It felt cheap and I sincerely doubt Vegeta would EVER cut his hair like he did (hey I’m a Vegeta lover) among other things. If anything, the only episode from GT I liked was the end, honestly.

I’d like to win that kinda money…

Regardless, this series so far is starting on a good note. Everyone is just as they always were and the story continues as if it was never over. It’s something I was sincerely looking forward to and I’m so glad it’s looking the way it is, just with even better animation.

There’s not much to say on the series yet, so I look forward to seeing more.

Out of 5,