Here we see a lamia in its natural habitat, attempting to kill and devour its prey.


Three years ago, Japan passed an interspecies exchange bill in order to start incorporating demihumans into human society.  As a result of that, the interspecies exchange program was started, pairing a demihuman girl with a host family.  Due to a mistake, a young man named Kurusu gets paired up with Miia, a lamia.  His interspecies coordinator is a woman named Smith, and she regularly reminds him that the laws state that humans cannot hurt demihumans or vice versa—and this includes having sexual relationships with them.

For someone who keeps mentioning that it’s wrong to have sex with a monstergirl, you sure really seem to want them to have sex.

Unfortunately for Kurusu, life with a lamia is rough, as she’s much bigger and stronger than him.  Also, she seems to have a strong libido and tries to have an intimate relationship with Kurusu even though he constantly objects.

One day, Kurusu and Miia go out on a “date” (really just a kind of field trip).  Although Miia has fun at first, it soon becomes clear that humans still view demihumans as weird and freakish.  A group of people chase down Kurusu and Miia, attempting to get phone pictures.  The two end up running into a love hotel to escape the crowd.  Before anything sexual happens (initiated by Miia of course), Smith manages to arrive and bust them out.  There’s an annoying pair of jerks that keep laughing at Miia’s appearance, so Kurusu punches them out.

Some attempt at drama was made here but it was pretty quickly resolved because fanservice.

The episode ends on a happy note, with Kurusu and Miia’s relationship having been strengthened.  I guess.  Or something.

My Opinion:

Why did this episode feel so long.  It was just 23 minutes in all but the episode seemed to drag on for eternity.  I’ll say this upfront—I cannot fucking stand Miia’s personality.  She constantly wants to get into Kurusu’s pants (because female-on-male rape is apparently hilarious) while at the same time pulling the “Iyyyaaaa you pervert! *slaps him into a wall*” trope.  What the hell.  I know this anime is basically just meant for fap-fodder but at least try to keep your characters consistent.

Having seen this entire episode, I actually do remember the manga series this was based on.  It was basically a full-on hentai manga with the main dude living with a different monster girl (in different AUs or something, I don’t even know).  And also there were tons of nudity and sex.  I’m pretty sure that manga series originally started as some sort of webcomic thing, so it might have been revamped for an official manga release.  So now the anime has this really dumb plot of a monster exchange program.  Okay, sure.

You know what?  The only part of the episode that didn’t seem cringeworthy to me was the part where it’s shown that monstergirls are still discriminated against by humans.  But of course that only takes up 1/7 of the episode because fanservice is far more important.  I actually wouldn’t mind a monstergirl series that focused on the challenges of integrating humans with demihumans, but NOPE.  This series knows who it’s catering to and that means copious amounts of boobs need to get shown so that this series can sell lots of blu-rays.

The sad thing was, I was kinda excited for this series.  Just a little.  Because I actually do like well-designed monstergirls.  Unfortunately, the monstergirls in this series are a bit on the bland side.  And they nearly all have big boobs, because of course they do.  Why the hell does Miia have inexplicable elf-like ears?  I know lamias aren’t meant to entirely resemble snakes but that monster design seems so weird to me.

Overall, I’ll pass on this series.  It’s another one of THOSE series, where the main draw is the massive amounts of fanservice.  If the series had a decent story or decent characters, I could maybe ignore the fanservice, but this series is nearly all fanservice.  I really dislike Miia, and Kurusu is okay but bland.  There’s also such a big disconnect for me between how he looks and his voice, though I think that’s just me.  So yeah, if you like monstergirls and a series that is not shy about being perverted, then this is a series for you.

Out of five for this episode, I’d give:

precure heart2

The next episode actually has the harpy girl show up, who’s my favorite appearance-wise.  Sadly I can’t stand Miia enough to keep on watching even for that.

You are the most boring male protag ever but even *I* don’t think that you deserve to get paired up with someone as aggravating as Miia.