Having nine children must have been rough…


The series focuses on Akane, who is part of a nine-sibling family.  But having a large family is not the only thing strange about her life—her father is actually the king of the country, and the siblings all have a special ability due to their royal blood.  Although Akane’s father has made it so that they’re able to live as mundane a life as possible, the one exception is that they are constantly being watched by cameras in order to ensure their safety.  Akane, who is the shyest out of all her siblings, absolutely hates this, and tries to avoid the cameras whatever way she can.

While my situation isn’t anywhere near as extreme as Akane’s, I know that feel.

The king has set up a sort of election in order to choose the new king of the country.  The next king will be chosen based on the citizen’s popular vote.  Although Akane wants to stay in the shadows as to not get picked, she accidentally raises her popularity after chasing down and stopping a thief.

One weekend, the siblings all have to unexpectedly take part in some kind of game, which would allow them to show off their special abilities.  The person who comes in last would have to clean the castle bathrooms.  One sibling has the power of super strength; another has the ability to manipulate plant life; one can create objects out of thin air; another can create clones; another can converse with living and non-living things; one of them can remember everything; yet another can teleport; and one can even predict anything based on probability.  Akane’s power is the ability to manipulate gravity, allowing her to fly.  Although she attempts to participate in the game because she doesn’t want to deal with the people in the castle, she just ends up just embarrassing herself while also coming in dead-last.

Akane probably has one of the cooler powers of the nine siblings.

That night, Aoi (her older sister) tries to comfort her.  Akane says that she just wants to live a normal, quiet life.  Aoi suggests that there is one possible way to do this: become the king and abolish the surveillance law.  Thus, Akane is now motivated to become the king so she can reach this end.

My Opinion:

This was a decent episode, and I enjoyed it.  Joukamachi no Dandelion has a fairly unique premise—the siblings featured here are not only royals, but they also all have superpowers.  Also, their father, the king; treats his job in a somewhat calm and nonchalant manner and attempts to give his children a somewhat normal life.  Honestly, the whole, “royal children attempting to live a normal life” storyline on its own would have made a great anime.  But, I suppose to give this series some spice; the royal siblings are also given powers.  I’m a bit divided on this.  On the one hand, it’s fun; but on the other hand it feels almost unnecessary.  With so many characters (nine important ones in all), I don’t think it was necessary to add in that element.  Just exploring the characters alone would have been enough to fill out a 12 episode anime.  But I guess having superpowers adds the complexity of the story and allows for a longer running manga (which is still on-going).  I just hope that this anime doesn’t substitute super powers for character development.

Focusing on all nine royal siblings would have gotten confusing fast; so our designated main character is Akane, the shyest of them all.  I can totally relate to Akane, so I felt very sorry for her throughout this whole episode.  Being that shy, and yet having to be at the center of attention all the time due to her lineage… that’s rough.  Even though she’s shy, I do like that it’s shown that she has a strong sense of justice, since she did chase down a thief and also refuses to abuse her powers unless it’s a necessity.

What I didn’t like about this episode was the major focus on Akane’s panties.  I know it was used for drama but geeze.  Maybe Akane should invest in some bloomers or shorts or something, because the “oh nooooo my panties are showing!” gag gets old fast.  Also, the panty focus just came off as really creepy for an anime that seems this fun and silly.

So far, the animation is decent, and the other characters seem potentially interesting.  I actually really like Akane’s dad and his laid-back attitude.  The plot is somewhat silly but manages to be entertaining.  This series would be something I’d be willing to watch, but I’m not terribly motivated to want to blog this.  It’s fun, but I guess something about the episode pacing and extreme panty focus turns me off.

Out of five, I give this episode a:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Awww, Akane…