Yes, this is another anime short (running about 8 minutes).

Wow, that CG animation is… not great.


Suko is a hikkimori girl who is an idol otaku.  She has a “special ability”—and that ability is being able to make idol groups famous simply by blogging about them.  After seeing the local idol group “Itorio” live, she notices a man named Ryuu who has turned his sights on a new idol named Mariko.  Disgusted at his actions, and declaring him not a “true fan,” Suko makes it her goal to make Itorio famous.

Am I the only one who found their voices unfitting for their appearances?

Unfortunately for her, Ryuu is also a blogger; dead-set on making the up and coming new idol Mariko famous.

Suko hates Ryuu’s guts, but to be fair he doesn’t make himself very likeable.

My Opinion:

Wow, this has probably been the first anime of this season I’ve seen that has as low a budget as this.  There is barely any animation; and when there is animation it’s all noticeably poor quality.  Let’s not even get started on that painful CG opening sequence.  Remember how I was talking about bad animation in shorts in the Wakaba Girl review?  Well it fully rears its head here.  The character designs aren’t terrible, albeit generic.  But what’s really bad about their designs is that everyone’s hair looks ridiculously shiny, as if they were made of plastic.

The pacing of this episode was just awful.  We don’t even know what Suko’s name is or what her deal is until near the end of the episode.  Congratulations on having the lamest special ability of any anime protagonist.  Also her grudge against Ryuu was hilariously petty and treated with over-the-top drama.  Though admittedly I’m not too fond of Ryuu’s personality either.  Let’s just admit it—these two are both basically assholes in their own way.

Overall, this show was pretty bad.  Everything about this anime feels lazy; even the voice acting!  It honestly sounds like the VAs were just phoning it in.  At least the singing was somewhat decent, but ultimately forgettable.  There’s some kind of hinted subplot that Ryuu and Suko are actually connected in some way due to their love of the idol Hinami, but I can’t be bothered to watch anymore of this.  There really isn’t any good thing I can say about this series–though I guess it gets points for not having cringeworthy fanservice?

Out of five for this episode:

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Suko’s voice acting felt the laziest out of all the characters imo. Though that might have been intended given her hikkimori tendencies.