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This is big surprise, but yeah, I’m doing this too.

Calm down there Taihei, or there might be a misunderstanding.


In this episode, there are five acts in all.

In the first act, Umaru has her friend Ebina over, so she is forced to clean up the place.  Taihei is super pleased about this and says that Ebina can come over anytime.  Ebina mistakes his comment for affection.

In the second act, Umaru stays up all night Saturday playing games.  When morning comes she attempts to wake up her brother so that he can play some more games with her until the Sunday morning anime block starts.  In the end, Umaru falls asleep for nearly the entire day.

Umaru: still a little shit.

The third act has Umaru dragging her brother along with her to a rock-paper-scissors contest so that he can win for her a giant cat plush/body pillow thing.  Taihei does actually win, but since his last opponent was Ebina he gives her the plushie; not wanting there to be any awkwardness between Umaru and Ebina.  Umaru is obviously pissed.

I still don’t understand why she bothers to keep up good appearances when she obviously hates doing it so much.

In the fourth act, Umaru plans to throw a tantrum in public to get her brother to buy her a game, but they unexpectedly meet up with Ebina.  Taihei invites her to lunch, so Umaru is forced to keep up her good behavior.

Umaru not getting her way/getting punished in some way gives me the strength to live.

In the last act, we focus on Ebina, who recounts how she moved from Akita to Tokyo all by herself in order to attend the school there.  Ebina is extremely shy because she’s worried that people might think of her as a country bumpkin.  It doesn’t help that people keep staring at her big chest.  The first person she met at the apartments was Taihei, who was also the first to look her in the eyes.  She’s had a crush on Taihei ever since.

Ebina’s Akita accent was a bit strange to listen to at first, but I thought it was cute.

My Opinion:

Okay, you all are probably wondering why I’m bothering to do a review of this series when I hated it so much in my FI review of it.  Well, the other characters interested me enough to watch another episode, and the second episode interested me enough that I kinda want to watch the whole season now.  This series actually doesn’t seem too hard to review, since it’s just a series of shorts stitched together into an episode.  However, I usually only take on 1 or 2 anime a season; so if I end up being too busy or can’t be assed to watch this anymore, this series will be the first on the chopping block.

Umaru is still a little shit, who shows time and again that she’s utterly self-centered.  She really does not care for her brother much at all, seeming to only see him as a way to get what she wants.  The only thing holding her back from being a full-on terrible person is that she has enough restraint (sorta) to not act like a little shit in public or in front of her friend, Ebina.  Now, with this being a gag series, I’m not expecting Umaru to change for the better by the end of this anime’s 12-episode run.  It would be amazing if she did, but it’s highly unlikely.  Even so, it was so, so satisfying to see Umaru get knocked down a notch.  The first episode had her “winning” most of her battles, but in this one we finally get to see her get some sort of punishment, even if it was slight.  Also, yes; the main reason I’m watching this series is to see Umaru finally get retribution for her shitty behavior.

Umaru being a shit aside, most of this episode focused on Ebina.  It’s really amazing how much better of a character the supporting characters are in this series compared to Umaru.  Ebina is extremely brave for moving to Tokyo all by herself, especially if she was already that shy of a person to begin with.  This series isn’t trying to make groundbreaking social commentary or anything, but this is probably one of the few anime that actually comes out and says, “hey, you guys staring at that girl because she has a big chest?  You guys are absolute jerks.”  This is one of few anime I’ve seen where people staring at a girl just because she has big boobs was played in a totally negative light, instead of for comedy or fanservice.  This episode also makes Taihei an amazing person.  Sorry you have to deal with an awful younger sister, but you truly are a nice guy (and I mean that in the best way).

Overall, this series is still a big hit or miss, especially if you dislike Umaru.  But I did enjoy this episode far more than the first one.  Now that the focus has shifted to other characters, things are more bearable.  It looks like we’ll be focusing on yet another character next episode, which is great.

Out of five:

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It would probably never happen but if Ebina ever ended up reprimanding Umaru for being such a terrible person then this anime would be worth watching for me.