Wakaba*Girl Episodes 2 and 3

I watched the rest of the series I was going to do FI’s for, and they were all pretty “meh” so I’m not even going to bother doing a review of them, because I wouldn’t have anything to say.  So here’s the second series I’ll be reviewing for the blog.  I will probably be doing these in two-episode batches because they’re so short.

Calm down Wakaba, it’s just ice cream!

Episode 2 Summary:

Wakaba’s classmates decide to go to a new ice cream parlor that just opened recently, and they invite Wakaba along.  Since this is the first time Wakaba has ever gone out to get junk food with friends, she’s super excited.

Pretty much every expression Wakaba makes could be used as a reaction image.
To be fair, ice cream is pretty great.

Episode 3 Summary:

The girls end up on the topic of video games, thanks to Nao.  Wakaba accidentally buys a galge, believing it to be a game for girls.  Nao, who is revealed to be a closet fujoshi, lends Wakaba the game she planned to lend to Moe.  Unfortunately for Wakaba, the game Nao lent proves to be too much for her innocent soul.

Wakaba dear, that is not the type of “girl game” you are looking for…
It’d be more interesting if the fujoshi girl wasn’t the glasses wearing girl but whatever.
Moe truly is “moe,” but she still can’t beat Wakaba.

My Opinion:

Let’s face it, this series is just crystallized concentrated “moe”… and yet I can’t stop watching.  There isn’t much substance to this series beyond its simple plot of “Wakaba is a rich girl and is new to typical high school stuff.”  But this series manages to make it work.  It’s probably a good thing that episodes are only around 8 minutes long.  I think that’s the perfect amount of time for this series not to get too annoying.

The series still focuses much more on Wakaba than on the other girls, but it’s nice to see the other girls getting fleshed out a bit too.  Nao is the closeted fujoshi and Moe is the innocent, cute girl.  Not too much has been said about Mao yet, who (for now) is the blandest character to me.  But Wakaba simply steals the show and the attention in every scene she’s in.  She’s able to be extremely adorable without becoming annoying.  I think her extreme naiveté really helps.

While I will be reviewing this anime, there probably won’t be too much I can say about it because of the nature of this series. There is one criticism I have, though.  The weird non-sequitur quip about Nao’s big chest from Mao (episode 2) was totally unnecessary.  All that happened from it was some really terrible (as in, unfunny) and forced gag later on.  Seriously, what was the point of that?

Other than that, these episodes gets, out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Wakaba’s power levels are TOO STRONG

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