Wakaba*Girl Episodes 4 and 5

Wakaba excitedly glancing around was so cute.

Episode 4 Summary:

It’s a weekend, and Wakaba’s first time hanging out with friends!  The girls all decide to go to Moe’s place.  Moe eventually gets annoyed with Mao and Nao just lazing about, so she suggests baking up some treats.  In the end, Moe does all the work as the other girls just watch.  Wakaba is delighted at how great the cupcakes Moe baked taste, and asks for the recipe.  Unfortunately, Wakaba just doesn’t seem to be that great a cook…

I wish I were more motivated to bake sweets. Sadly I just don’t like sweets all that much.
Man does this screencap look dramatic out of context.
Moe’s house is actually really nice though.

Episode 5 Summary:

Don’t worry–this series doesn’t go too deep into romance shenanigans.

Mao comes to school one day looking depressed and her friends ask her why.  Mao has apparently developed a crush on a boy she sees on the train every time she commutes to school.  But this morning she had seen that boy talking to a girl from the rich private girls’ school and she loses confidence.  Thus, Mao attempts to develop a “rich girl’s persona” in order to win him.  Mao observes Wakaba for a day, trying to emulate her habits, but eventually gives up when she follows Wakaba home and sees her mansion.  The next day, Mao seems much more cheerful than before, having realized that Wakaba actually copies her.

Nao is truly the most shojo of the girls.
I don’t know about you but I find crows pretty adorable.

My Opinion:

These were pretty standard Wakaba Girl episodes, featuring the usual cute and funny antics that were present in previous episodes.  However, we do get a bit of character development for Moe and Mao here.  In fact, we actually get to see quite a bit of Moe’s house in episode 4!  Then episode 5 gives Mao some much needed fleshing out.

The humor of this series is still pretty hit-or-miss depending on your tastes, but I’m glad to see that there’s sufficient chemistry between the girls to make their interactions entertaining.  The animation quality is still fairly good so far too.  Although we do get to see inside Moe’s house, I wish we could have seen some of her inner thoughts.  Based on how she acted in episode 4, perhaps she might not be always be as sweet as she appears…

In episode 5, Mao gets the spotlight.  To this, I say “finally!”  Mao had always seemed like the blandest of all the girls to me, but at least I have a better grasp of her personality now.  Mao is just your typical cheerful, carefree-type high school girl, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The ending of her spotlight episode was pretty cute.

Overall, these were entertaining episodes, and that’s all that really matters to me.  Like I said before, there’s probably not too much I can say in reviews for Wakaba Girl, because nothing really happens.  But at least they make good episodes for watching when you just want to relax.

Out of five for these two episodes:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

You’re fine just the way you are, Mao!

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