Umaru being really good at games is probably the only skillset Umaru has that I’ll accept without question.


Umaru’s alter ego, “UMR” is officially introduced in this episode.  As UMR, Umaru is the scourge of all arcade places, quickly cleaning out plushies and prizes from the claw machines.  The focus then shifts to Sylphyn, Umaru’s self-proclaimed rival.  The two girls play a serious tennis match at P.E. one school day, with Sylphyn attempting to best Umaru.  In the end, it’s not sure who really won the match.

Random Miku reference is random.

Sylphyn is the most anime girl of all anime girls but I still love her for it.

We are then introduced to Alex, who is Taihei’s subordinate at work.  Alex gives Taihei a porcelain cat souvenir from Europe, which Taihei brings home and tells Umaru not to break.  So of course, Umaru ends up breaking it.  Umaru attempts to repair it but is unsuccessful in recreating its face.  Taihei almost lets it slide because Umaru apologizes, but then finds out that Umaru bought all the art supplies with his credit card…

Umaru is actually worried about the consequences for once? Holy crap.

The last act of the episode has Umaru dressed as UMR and going to a fighting game tournament.  Taihei is dragged along, and meets with Alex, who is supposedly there for his sister.  The tournament begins, and Umaru finds out that Sylphyn is also a competitor.  Thankfully, Sylphyn doesn’t recognize Umaru in her disguise.  The last match is Umaru vs. Sylphyn.  Sylphyn nearly wins, but gets embarrassed when she notices Alex in the crowd.  She runs off, making Umaru the victor by default.  Umaru doesn’t entirely understand what happened, but she notices that Sylphyn is cheerful the next day at school and believes that everything is okay.

Kinda wish Sylphyn could have worn something other than her school outfit for the match. I’m sure Sylphyn has a ton of cool outfits to choose from!

My Opinion:

Sylphyn is best girl, no question.  (Yes I am horribly biased.)  I’m glad she gets most of the focus this episode, although it appears that her story arc with Umaru is not yet finished.  It wasn’t fully revealed in this episode, but it’s fairly obvious that Alex is Sylphyn’s brother.  A bigger question to me is WHY she’s so embarrassed to find out he had been watching her compete in the fighting game tournament.  Perhaps under all that cheerfulness and arrogance, Sylphyn’s actually a pretty meek girl?  Who knows.

I’m glad to say that Umaru is getting less annoying as the episodes go by.  I think it’s also helped by the fact that Umaru isn’t the SOLE focus of the episode anymore, although she still does get acts centering on her just goofing off at home.  But it also seems like Umaru is getting punished a lot more, especially compared to her episode 1 shenanigans.  This is a very good thing, as I probably wouldn’t be able to stand a full series just of Umaru acting like a little shit and completely getting away with it.  Anyway, UMR is another persona Umaru has.  I think UMR is the least aggravating of all of Umaru’s personas.  Because as UMR she’s just a really good gamer, instead of being a brat (chibi-Umaru) or being mary sue personified (outside-Umaru).

Overall, I thought this was a good episode.  I’m always down for more Sylphyn appearances, and the tennis match was probably the funniest part of the episode.  This episode really feels like part 1 of a two-parter, though.  I’m hoping we get some wrap-up/explanation of Sylphyn and Alex’s relationship next time.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Even if you’re not number one in-universe, you are still number one in my heart.