Non Non Biyori Repeat Episode 5

Doesn’t getting bad fortunes just ruin your day?


It’s nearing summertime now.  Natsumi reads Komari’s fortune from a fortune telling barrel, and says that she’ll have bad luck with water that day.  At school, the girls find out that they’ll have to clean the school pool, much to Komari’s chagrin.  Obviously, Komari ends up in a lot of water-related misfortune.  However, once the pool is cleaned and filled up, Kazuho allows the girls to take a brief swim which they all enjoy.

Komari is the character I care about the least, but I still felt bad for her this episode.

The next day is a day off, as it is the school’s anniversary.  Natsumi again reads Komari’s fortune, and it says she’ll have bad luck if she stays in the house.  So Natsumi and Komari head out, eventually meeting up with Renge and Hotaru.  The girls have fun playing in the woods near the village, until it suddenly starts raining.  The girls have no other choice than to run to the candy store (owned by Kaede).  There, Kaede treats everyone to some okonomiyaki.

Sounds like my kind of day.
I love the country scenes in this anime.
The candy store’s front is pretty neat.

My Opinion:

This was a fairly cute, laid back episode.  Poor Komari though.  She got hit with a lot of misfortune this time.

I’m always very fond of episodes which focus on the characters just having fun.  I’m also fond of summer-themed episodes.  The girls don’t really do anything too “summery” here, but it was still fun to see their pool-related antics and to see them playing around in the woods.  Also, Kaede finally gets some sort of major role for the first time this season!  I know Kaede’s a minor character, so she’s obviously not going to get many speaking roles throughout the series, but I still like episodes which feature her.  Her relationship with Renge is just really heartwarming to watch.

Another heartwarming moment which I kind of skipped over in my summary is Hotaru meeting up with the other girls on their day off.  Hotaru initially couldn’t join them because she had to wait at home for a delivery.  Fortunately, after the delivery was made, Hotaru found her friends visiting her house to hang out with her.  That was just a really sweet scene, because it showed that Hotaru’s friends cared enough about her to check in on her.

Other than those moments, this episode had a nice dose of comedy and some G-rated fanservice by way of the girls wearing some different clothes (well, different than what they usually wear).  There was also some nice food animation here as well.  (And man do I want to try okonomiyaki now…)  Non Non Biyori continues to be a relaxing and pleasant anime to watch, and I’m glad for that.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Renge is so precious in that dress.

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