I am always down for more Sylphyn.


Midterms are finally over, so now it’s summertime!  In the first act, Umaru hangs out at the arcade in her UMR persona and bumps into Sylphyn, who challenges her to ALL THE GAMES.  Umaru eventually gives Sylphyn a badge pin that says “you’re a winner” on it just to get Sylphyn off her back.  Unfortunately, this just leads Sylphyn to proclaim that UMR is now her friend.

In the second act, Umaru (as Komari) hangs out with Kirie on a lazy summer day.  In the third act, Umaru takes a bath and shows off her bathtime routine.

Kirie dear, you are spoiling Umaru far too much.

I don’t know about you, but eating chips while in the bath seems kind of gross??? Wouldn’t they get horribly soggy from the humidity?!?

In the fourth act, Taihei gives Umaru some cash so she can buy more clothes for herself.  Umaru brings along Ebina and Kirie too, and the two girls seem to get along a little better now.  Unfortunately, Umaru has no self-restraint, and ends up buying a bunch of cheap clothes on sale so she can get a new game.

It’ll still be a while yet before these two become good friends.

In the final act of the episode, we see a glimpse of Taihei’s daily life.

I feel bad for Taihei for having such a shitty life, but at least he seems somewhat happy???

My Opinion:

This was a pretty laid-back episode—fitting because it focused on the characters’ summer antics.  Amazingly, there was no beach episode!  There WAS a bath segment, but it wasn’t too fanservicey or anything.

I’m glad to see Sylphyn again, especially after the “game arc” of the series.  It appears Sylphyn has finally made her first friend—who is just Umaru in disguise.  I wish that we could have seen the consequences of this new “friendship,” but I’m sure it will be expanded on in later episodes.  The shopping segment of this episode was pretty cute, and it seems like Ebina and Kirie are slowly becoming friends.  It’s fairly obvious that all four girls (Sylphyn included) will eventually form a circle of friends, if the ED for this series is anything to go by.  But I’m still glad to see the relationships forming gradually instead of them all immediately being chummy with each other.

The bath segment for this episode was really random and silly, but I actually like mundane snippets like that.  I still find some of Umaru’s antics annoying, but when she’s describing her lazy life-style in such depth and passion, it’s kind of amusing to watch.

The last act felt a bit out-of-place because the focus suddenly shifted to Taihei.  Still, we finally get to see more of Taihei’s work life.  There’s an appearance made by a new and as of yet unnamed character, who seems to have a huge crush on Taihei.  I’m sure she’ll play more of a major role later on.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode.  It was silly and fun to watch, and that’s what matters most to me.  Also, Umaru wasn’t too annoying here so the episode gets bonus points for that.

Out of five for this episode:

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“Shopping segment” apparently equals “cosplay time” in anime.