Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 6



In the first act, Umaru decides to stay up late playing games while her brother sleeps, but she’s out of cola so she makes a quick trip to the convenience store.  When she gets back, her brother unfortunately finds out and scolds her for it.

Hey there, Bomber.

In the second act, Taihei has a day off and Umaru has to go to school—meaning that he now has the whole house to himself.  Taihei quickly realizes that Umaru’s presence has completely taken over his life, to the point where he’s actually bored when she’s not around to order him around.  Taihei eventually cooks something just to stave off the boredom.

Don’t you have any hobbies Taihei? Other than spoiling your sis?

In the third act, Taihei gets annoyed with Umaru’s antics while he’s working from home, so he suggests buying a curtain to separate the room.  That way, Umaru and Taihei can both have their own spaces.  However, Umaru feels lonely because of this, and Taihei seems to feel the same.  The curtain is immediately ditched.

In the fourth act, Umaru, Taihei, and Kirie play “The Game of Life” on Umaru’s famicon.  Kirie loses badly so Taihei decides to throw the game too so she’s not alone.  Umaru manages to cheer Kirie up but Kirie accidentally makes the game freeze…

Don’t think I didn’t notice that the “wife” looks like Ebina.

In the last act, it is now Umaru’s birthday!  Umaru is saddened when she goes off to school, without so much as an acknowledgement from her brother.  Once school is over and she rushes home, however; she finds that her brother did remember after all.

My Opinion:

The last few episodes were so good at making Umaru bearable, but she reverted back to being utterly annoying here.  I suppose that was the intention, since the chapters that were animated this episode were focused on… well, Umaru being annoying.  Oh yeah, I ended up reading all the available scanlation chapters available for this series in-between the time of the last episode and this one.  So now I’ve basically been “spoiled” for all future episodes of Umaru-chan, since the anime seems to follow the manga pretty closely.  There are some chapters that have been skipped and moved around; and some circumstances have been changed so that the characters’ situations line up.  But overall it’s been a fairly accurate representation of the manga.

Anyway, Umaru is annoying as hell in this episode and I almost couldn’t stand it.  It’s that voice, man.  That awful, whiny voice of hers when she’s in her chibi form.  Sadly, there weren’t any fun characters to off-set her awfulness because the episode was focused mainly on Umaru and Taihei’s relationship.  While Umaru seemed to regress in character development, Taihei gains some.  It’s in this episode that his interest in cooking is shown off.

So yeah, I wasn’t really fond of this episode.  Probably the only act I really liked was the Game of Life one, because that one was fairly cute and focused on other characters, not just Umaru hogging all the screentime.  I’m also noticing some QUALITY ANIMATION this episode, although it’s not too bad and the overall quality is still quite good.  Nothing much really happened plot-wise, so I feel like this was meant to be an animator’s break episode.  Anyway, UMR finally spends some time with Sylphyn in the next episode, which should be great!

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2

After how fun the past three episodes were, this one was just really dull.

Okay fine; I guess she deserves at least this much on her birthday.

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