Wakaba*Girl Episodes 6 and 7

Calm down there Wakaba.

Episode 6 Summary:

Summer vacation has started, and Wakaba (the high school loving girl) quickly gets bored.  Luckily, Moe and the others have decided to go to the pool, and Wakaba is invited along.  Moe gives Wakaba a swimsuit (which was too big for her) and Wakaba and her friends have fun all day at the pool.

yup, swimsuits.
Wakaba just exudes shojo sparkles.

On the way back home, the girls decide to go to the summer festival next week.  Unfortunately, Wakaba can’t go as she has a 6 pm curfew.  Moe, Mao, and Nao all agree that it wouldn’t be the same without Wakaba, so they plan to do something about it.

Possibly the most (actual) dramatic shot you’ll see in this series.

Episode 7 Summary:

Moe, Mao, and Nao arrive at Wakaba’s mansion and unexpectedly meet with Wakaba’s older sister.  She invites them inside the mansion, where they also meet with Wakaba.  Moe, Mao, and Nao try to convince Wakaba’s sister to let them take Wakaba with them to the festival.  The sister agrees, and says she’ll convince Wakaba’s mother to let Wakaba out that night.  Wakaba is ecstatic.

We get a pretty good glimpse of the girls’ outfit styles here.

On the night of the festival, Wakaba meets up with her friends at the park, and they quickly make their way to the festival proper.  The girls partake in typical festival stuff, such as playing games and eating food from the stands.  Before the night ends, the other girls take Wakaba to a hilly spot so that they can watch the fireworks.

It simply isn’t summer without a summer festival!
Nao: the ultimate sharp-shooter.

My Opinion:

This was a really cute two-parter.  As someone who really enjoys the festival atmosphere, episodes about festivals are always a fun watch for me.  This episode was extra cute because Wakaba’s friends cared enough about her to try to take her to the festival even though she had a curfew.

This two-parter really shows how strong the girls’ friendship is now.  I suppose their friendship did develop somewhat quickly, but with this series being composed of shorts a lot of time was skipped in-between episodes.  I wonder if there’s stuff we missed from the mangas?

Even now, I still love Wakaba’s fascination with everything.  She really is a sheltered girl.  I wish we could have seen the full story regarding her curfew.  All we get is that she apparently got lost one night when she was in kindergarten.  I’m sure that alone would have been enough to implement a curfew, as Wakaba is the daughter of a rich family and thus could have been kidnapped for ransom or something.  Anyway, this topic is pretty dark for such a light-hearted series so I’ll stop here.

I wish we could have spent more screentime at the pool and at the festival, but I’ll let it pass since the plot of the two-parter was far more important.  There’s fanservice by way of the girls wearing swimsuits and yukatas; and the yukatas were actually rather lovely.  (Well, except for Nao who just wore a plain one.)

So yeah, these two episodes were fun.  There was also a small dose of plot, which got fairly quickly resolved.  But hey, what do you expect from a cutesy slice-of-life series such as this?

Out of five for both episodes:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2


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