In this episode Umaru continues to be a little shit.


There were a lot of random segments in is episode.

In the first act, Umaru intentionally acts like a little shit after her brother throws out a box with some extra figure parts in it, in order to “get back” at him.  However, she later feels bad about it; especially after Taihei goes through the trouble to try to replace it.

In the second act, we see Ebina invite Umaru and Taihei to a ramen shop to thank them for the meal from episode 2.

I’ll admit, watching characters eat ramen isn’t the most exciting thing…

In the third act, Bomber gets dumped by his girlfriend, and (thinking that Taihei is living with his girlfriend) demands to go to Taihei’s house.  Once the two arrive home, Bomber meets with Umaru for the first time; which reminds him of his own sister… Kirie.

They love each other so much. …That was sarcasm.

In the fourth act, Umaru (as UMR) hangs out with Sylphyn at an old-timey candy store.

Sylphyn needs her own series so I don’t have to suffer through Umaru’s awfulness.

In the fifth and last act of the episode, the focus is once again on Taihei, as he recalls some old memories from the past.

My Opinion:

This was a really strange mish-mash of manga chapters, with not much of a cohesive theme.  But it was nice to see that each minor character gets an act “dedicated” to them.  The first act (where Umaru’s acting shitty) was the most painful for me to sit through, so the less said about that one the better.

The second act sorta focused on Ebina.  I feel like they could have picked a slightly better chapter to animate, as this was just about the characters eating ramen.  Seriously, there are a handful of great Ebina-centered chapters out there, and the anime producers had to go for the least exciting one.  Anyway, the third act focused on Bomber.  Not one of my favorite chapters but it does establish two things plot-wise: 1) Bomber finally comes face-to-face with Umaru, and 2) it’s revealed that Kirie is his younger sis, and their relationship is rather strained.

I am biased but the fourth act (featuring Sylphyn) was my favorite.  It had such a nice and calming slice-of-life feel to it, the way the girls just explored an old candy store together.  There weren’t too many forced gags, and Umaru was relatively bearable.  In the later manga chapters, Sylphyn gets a lot of really great heart-warming interactions with UMR once they become better friends.  I hope some more of those chapters are animated, because the one where the two visit a gashapon store is my absolute favorite one.

The last act of this episode is actually another one of my favorite manga chapters, because it focuses on Taihei’s backstory.  Or at least, gives us a small glimpse at it.  The series never gives us much information about Taihei and Umaru’s parents.  This is the first time we ever actually see their mother, and even then her face is somewhat obscured by shadow.  Based on Taihei’s comments, though; it’s fairly reasonable to assume that their mom looks a lot like Umaru.  (Though I guess it’s more like Umaru inherited her mother’s looks.)  I really loved this chapter because the tone of it was so vastly different from the rest of the series.  Barring the repeated footage at the beginning of the act, there weren’t any gags—it was nearly all about Taihei’s introspection and memories.  I like it when a comedy series can pull of scenes and stories like that.

Anyway, I rambled long enough.  Overall, I’d say this was an average episode.  I know what chapters are coming up next episode, and if my predictions are correct then this episode serves as a breather before the big plot twist happening next time.  So in that case I can forgive this episode for being all over the place in tone.  It was still an entertaining episode, first act aside.

Out of five:

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Taihei was such a cute kid…..