Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 8

I’ve never actually used a kotatsu before but now I’m tempted to…


It’s winter now, and snow starts to fall.  On the first snow day, Umaru and Taihei bring out a kotatsu to keep themselves warm.

We then flash-forward to Christmas Eve, where Umaru is at home alone while Taihei and Bomber are forced to work overtime.  Eventually, Taihei comes home dressed in a Santa suit, with Kirie in tow.

Umaru looking a bit more serious than we usually see her.

We flash-forward again to New Year’s Eve, and Bomber hangs out with Umaru and Taihei for the countdown.  Umaru falls asleep before the clock hits midnight, so Taihei and Bomber decide to spend the first hour of the new year drinking beer whilst standing on the balcony.

Oh Sylphyn, never change.
Now that is a New Year’s buffet!

The next day, Umaru and Taihei go to the local shrine to make a wish.

That background is lovely.

At the very end of the episode, after the credits, we rewind a bit to focus on Chief Kanau, Taihei and Bomber’s boss.  She spends her Christmas Eve alone, but a text from Taihei cheers her up.

My Opinion:

I actually really enjoyed this episode.  It focused mainly on daily life stuff and was calming to watch.  All the interaction between Bomber and Taihei/Umaru was cute.  I did notice that this episode decided not to include the plot twist that occurred in the manga.  I am sure that plot-twist happened around the New Year’s Eve chapter if I remember correctly (I binged-read all the scanlations so my memory of it might be a little off).  If the anime producers really did skip that plot twist, I can sorta understand why.  While the Umaru-chan series is fairly popular, I suppose the producers are playing it safe in case a second season can’t be made.  Also, it wouldn’t be too hard to make mention of the plot-twist in later episodes because the circumstances leading to it are fairly easy to replicate without destroying too much of the base story.

Anyway, this episode was a really fun watch.  Sadly, the girls (Ebina, Kirie, and Sylphyn) didn’t get too much focus, but we still got to see snippets of them here and there which is enough for me.  We also surprisingly get a lot of focus on Chief Kanau.  It’s interesting that her act was relegated to after the credits; probably because her’s has such a somber tone compared to Umaru’s festivities.  Everything about Kanau’s situation is kinda sad, but at least the episode’s ultimate ending was sweet.

Overall, this was a good episode.  I did notice an awful lot of QUALITY ANIMATION though.  Also, in the scene where Umaru makes a donation at the shrine and rings the bell, she suddenly doesn’t have a hat on, but has it back on in the next scene.  Now, I’m guessing that it’s probably tradition (or due to respect) not to have hats on when ringing the shrine bell, but the scene could have been segued better.  Anyway, that’s a really petty criticism from me.  I still greatly enjoyed this episode, because Umaru was acting like her usual self except with all the awful whining and manipulation tactics.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Chief Kanau has the saddest Christmas.

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