Natsumi’s mom wants to fill the backyard pond with fish, and asks Natsumi to catch something.  Since cash is offered as a reward, Natsumi quickly rounds up everyone to have an impromptu fishing competition.  Not surprisingly, all the girls suck at it.  However, Natsumi does manage to reel in a super large fish, but accidentally ruins her mother’s wristwatch in the process.

Natsumi is a BAMF

Later that day, Konomi and Komari attempt to dress up Natsumi and make her look more girly.  This fails.


In the final act of the episode, Hikage comes over to hang out with Natsumi.  They both end up eating the dumplings that were meant to be moon-view snacks that night.  Both of them attempt to cover up their mistake, but thanks to Kaede everything works out okay.

Okay, this entire act was hilarious.

Moon-viewing time!

My Opinion:

A very Natsumi-centric episode this time.  We’ve already gotten character focused episodes for Renge and Hotaru, so I guess it’s only fair that the Koshigaya sisters get a turn.  Although not my favorite, I still love Natsumi’s character.  She’s very tomboyish, lazy, yet headstrong.  She’s just a very vibrant and interesting character, and I’m glad that she’s written as a strong boyish type who isn’t tsundere or “has a secret moe side,” because that’s really clichéd.  Yes, she isn’t very girly, and that’s sort of a bad thing in Japanese culture.  But you know what?  Whatever.  You’re fine just the way you are, Natsumi.

The fishing storyline was pretty cute I guess?  (If only because it showed how bad everyone else was at fishing.)  And the “make Natsumi girlier!” plotline was a bit… cringeworthy.  But my favorite part of the episode was definitely the last act.  Natsumi and Hikage’s interactions are hilarious, and it makes me wonder why they don’t get featured together more often.  Their personalities complement each other so well.  Their attempts to either cover their mistakes or apologize made me laugh.  At least they didn’t get punished too harshly in the end, because it was just an honest mistake.

Overall, this was a decent episode.  If you like Natsumi, you’ll definitely like this episode.

Out of five:

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