No one in this series deserves to be happy more than Kirie does.


It’s Valentine season in the Umaru-chan universe.

In the first act, Kirie attempts to make cookies for Umaru and Komaru.  Despite numerous setbacks (her brother being one of them) she manages to make a good batch for Umaru and Komaru.  But then she accidentally gives Taihei a bad bunch…

In the next act, Ebina wants to make a chocolate heart gift for Taihei.  Ebina invites Umaru to help, and Umaru drags Taihei along.  Thanks to Taihei’s guidance, both girls are able to make great chocolates, though Ebina’s too shy to actually give Taihei the one she was making for him.

This eyecatch was cute.

In the third act, Slyphyn and UMR hang out in an Anumate store and have silly shenanigans.

Another reason why I like Slyphyn so much: she’s got the same tastes in anime as I do.

In the fourth act, Kirie goes over to Umaru’s house.  Since Umaru is out, there’s an awkward and long session between Taihei and Kirie.  Eventually, it’s revealed that Kirie actually wanted to apologize to Taihei for giving him the bad batch of cookies, and the two seem to have gotten a bit closer.

In the last act, it’s Umaru and the case of the missing pudding!  The true culprit is… well, it’s not that hard to guess.

There were too many references for me to catch, so just have Taihei in this recognizable blue suit.


My Opinion:

This was a cute mix of manga chapters.  I’m glad the anime’s continuing the “focus on a specific character per act” trend.  There was a brief Valentine’s day storyline throughout the whole episode, but nothing much really happened.  Oh well.

I think it’s around this point that we really see Umaru start to change character-wise.  Now that she’s got more friends, it’s shown that she really does care about them all.  And when hanging out with friends, she’s a much better character—she’s more generous and kind.  Hell, Umaru actually wanted to HELP Taihei with cooking!  We also have some nice character development on Kirie’s end, as it seems that she and Taihei have gotten to know each other just a little better.  Sadly, Kirie’s relationship with her actual brother seems to have just deteriorated…

There were a lot of anime references in this episode.  In the act with Slyphyn, there were references to Precure, Madoka, and Attack on Titan.  And in the missing pudding act there were references to Ace Attorney, Dangan Ronpa, and Kaiji.  And that’s just all the references I could catch.  Of course there’s “Migu” stuff everywhere in the background too.  I get the feeling the animators had a lot of fun with this episode.

Overall, a decent episode.  Whenever we get to see more of the other characters, and whenever Umaru isn’t acting like a total shit is a good episode to me.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Sylphyn’s smiling face gives me the will to live.