I wanted to see more of Konomi and this series delivered.


The episode begins with Renge hanging out with Konomi since Natsumi and Komari aren’t home.  Later on, she learns that Natsumi and Komari are planning to visit a mountain to see the autumn leaves.  The girls plan to get there by bike, but it may pose a problem for Renge who’s still on training wheels.  Thus, Renge rushes home and asks her sister to remove her training wheels so she can start practicing how to ride a bike without them.

It’s slowly turning to autumn in the Non Non Biyori universe. It’s slowly getting cooler where I live too.

Renge had the most amazing faces in this episode.

Since she needs someone to supervise her, Renge rides her bike in front of Kaede’s candy shop.  After a day of many falls, Renge is still unsuccessful in properly riding her bike.  The next day, she gets a fever and has to stay in bed.  Upon hearing this, Kaede rushes over to spend some time with Renge.

Don’t mess with the candy store owner.

After Renge gets over her fever, she visits to the candy store to find that Kaede has closed it for the day.  Kaede and Renge then spend the whole day together, with Kaede helping Renge to ride her bike.  Renge falls down a couple more times, but finally gets it.  Because she can now ride her bike without training wheels, Renge is able to join the other girls when they visit the mountain.  Renge thanks Kaede for all her help.

Ride into the sunset Renge!

My Opinion:

This was such a sweet episode.  I always love episodes that focus on Renge’s and Kaede’s relationship.  Even though they’re not related, they have an extremely close bond (which started since Renge was a toddler, if you’ve watched the first season).  Kaede may act cool but she really does care about Renge, and about the other girls too.  She is essentially everyone’s big sister.

Konomi got a nice amount of screentime too.  I was wondering where exactly she lived and it turns out she’s Natsumi’s and Komari’s neighbor.  No wonder she’s shown to visit them so many times in season 1.  I guess it should have been obvious, but I somehow thought that she lived far away in the city or something.  Way to be observant, me.  Konomi’s interactions with Renge were cute, but Kaede and Renge’s interactions just stole the show.  No one can beat that heartwarming montage of Kaede helping Renge to ride her bike.

Anyway, yes, this was essentially another Renge-centric episode.  Luckily, I don’t particularly mind.  The thing I love most about Renge is her determination, and she definitely showed a lot of that here.  She fell down many times, but not once did she cry about it.  My “learning to properly ride a bike” scenario was nowhere near as dramatic, since I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until close to ten and thus had a better sense of balance…  But I digress.  Renge, you are truly a warrior.

Overall, a lovely episode that definitely hits you squarely in the feels.  The beginning of the episode is probably the funniest it’s going to get, because the rest of the episode is much more serious and subdued.  This series knows that actions speak louder than words, and used the quiet scenes to great effect.  After all, you don’t need conversations to show that two characters care about each other.

Out of five:

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