Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 10

That’s what you get for not taking proper care of yourself.


In the first act, Umaru catches a cold.  She gets mad at Taihei for not taking the day off to take care of her.  The next day, Umaru recovers from her illness, but her brother seems to have caught her cold.  Fortunately, Umaru has a day off thanks to the school’s anniversary.  Unfortunately for Taihei, Umaru’s still bitter about being left to fend the illness off by herself, and so plans to get back at him.  However, upon seeing just how sick he is, all Umaru can do is worry about her brother.  Thus, she personally nurses him back to health.  When Taihei finally recovers, he gives his thanks to Umaru.

Possibly the most significant act of selflessness that Umaru has ever committed.

In the next act, Umaru refuses to eat her green peppers, even though Taihei spends so much time cooking them for her.  The next day at lunch, she finds that he has slipped them into her hamburg steak, and is briefly annoyed at him.  However, upon hearing Ebina’s comments about how hard it is to make hamburg steak in the morning, Umaru realizes just how much her brother cares about her, and eats it without anymore hesitation.

You know things are serious when Umaru’s face looks like this.

In the third act, Umaru accidentally spills cola onto the wifi router, and thus knocks out the internet in the house.  Thus, she’s forced to go to a manga café just to access the internet again.  At first, she’s amazed, as there’s free drinks and free manga to read.  However, she quickly realizes that it’s just not the same without her brother around, and thus rushes home.

To be fair, I’d probably look like this too upon stepping foot into a manga cafe for the first time.

In the last act of the episode, we flashback to ten years ago, when Taihei was still a high school student.  He hangs out with his friends, Bomber and Kanou, as they visit an arcade and attempt to win some plushies from a vending machine.  Only Taihei is successful, and he wins THREE of them at once to boot!  After sharing with the others, Taihei brings one plush home for his dearest little sister.

Look at that *cough* fantastic animation.
Kid!Umaru doesn’t actually look too much different than her slacker persona, huh.

My Opinion:

So this episode was basically a nearly solid 20 minutes of Umaru.  And yes, while she did act like a little shit most of the time, at least we get a ton of character development on her end—probably the most we’ve ever seen, in fact.  This episode was basically a personification of the “look, the really do care about each other!” trope.  Well, it’s fairly obvious from Taihei’s end, but it was made much more obvious on Umaru’s end here.

These chapters in the manga mark the point where Umaru becomes a slightly better (read: less annoying) character.  Of course, she’s still going to be her lazy self for a long time, but it’s around here that she starts caring more about other people and being just a little less selfish.  That said, I quite like the final act.  It continues the trend of focusing on Taihei before the end of the episode, and also wraps up the “topic” of this episode nicely.  Although Umaru and Taihei don’t always get along, they have a strong bond as brother and sister that’s been established since they were both young.

I found this episode to be quite good, despite Umaru being a bit of a brat.  But I still have one criticism.  The animation quality was a bit all over the place here.  When the animation is good, it was really good.  But when it’s bad, it’s… pretty bad.  Especially the entire arcade scene at the end when Taihei was hanging out with his friends.  Well, it’s not like that was the most important part of the episode, so I won’t rag too much on the “quality animation.”  Anyway, there are only two more episodes of this series left before the summer season ends.  I wonder what they’ll do for the final episode?

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

I dunno, I just thought this was a real cute eyecatch (even though Taihei looks miserable…)

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