Wakaba*Girl Episodes 10 and 11

P.E. is hard, yo.

Episode 10 Summary:

Moe is revealed to not be very good at sports.  But, since her friends have all tried so hard to “break the mold” of their personalities, Moe decides to try conquering an exercise move that she was never able to accomplish, called the back hip circle.

Spoiler: Wakaba nails it on the first try.

Moe’s friends stay behind to give her support.  Wakaba even ignores her curfew to stay and cheer on her Moe.  Eventually, Moe is able to successfully do the back hip circle, and the girls are able to bring Wakaba back home on time.  All’s well that ends well.

I used to think Moe was kinda bland but I don’t think that anymore.
Wakaba is a sweetie.

Episode 11 Summary:

Living the good life.

Winter break is coming, and the girls invite Wakaba along for Hatsumode, which takes place after New Year’s.  Wakaba has her first sleepover, and also encounters her first kotatsu.  After New Year’s the girls go to a shrine to pray and make a wish.

Well… it’s not entirely WRONG…
This was super cute.

My Opinion:

These episodes didn’t have much substance, but I rather prefer Wakaba*Girl to have more slow-paced, slice of life stuff like this.  I feel that it fits the format of the series better.  And it’s always a treat to see Wakaba enjoying some Japanese traditions for the first time.

Episode 10 was fairly heartwarming, because it focused on Moe overcoming some sort of character flaw.  And unlike her friends, she actually succeeded!  Wakaba choosing to ignore her curfew was a bit over-dramatic but sweet.  I feel that the gag at the very end of the episode sort of ruined the “sweetness” of this episode, actually.  After 6 pm, Wakaba’s mansion apparently goes into high alert and it was pretty ridiculous.  I know it was meant to be an exaggerated and overly complex security system because “lol Wakaba’s super rich” but it just ruined the mood of the rest of the episode.

Episode 11 was even more slow-paced than episode 10, but at least it had a fairly consistent tone.  Nothing much really happened, it was just Wakaba and friends hanging out at Moe’s place and sitting under a kotatsu.  At least the episode was cute.  The episode once again ended with another “Wakaba’s family is super rich” gag but at least it didn’t feel as forced as in episode 10.

Overall, these were okay episodes.  There’s much less substance here than in past episodes, but it was calming to watch so I don’t mind.  I know it’s the main source of gags of the series, but I kinda wish the series stopped shoving it down our throats that Wakaba comes from a wealthy family.  It’s starting to get a little old.  We get it anime, Wakaba’s super rich.

Out of five for these two episodes:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Man, if I had a house the size of Wakaba’s room…

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