I hope you enjoy these winter scenes, ’cause you’re only getting one episode this season about it.


It’s winter break.  Christmas has just finished and it’s getting close to New Year’s.  Hotaru and Komari bump into Konomi on the way home and hang out at her place since Komari’s enchanted with her cell phone.  They all play with the phone for a bit, with Komari attempting to send out an instant message.

Must be hard to get reception in the countryside…

In the next act, we switch focus to Renge and her middle sister, Hikage.  Renge is sending out New Year’s cards and decides to draw on them.  However, she won’t let Hikage see.  This starts a sort of spat between the two, with Hikage eventually retreating.

If Renge really drew that then she’s a prodigy.

Renge’s pout is adorable.

In the last act, it’s New Year’s Eve.  We get to see how Hotaru really acts when she’s at home and not around the others and it’s… surprising.

This entire act gave me the warm fuzzies.

My Opinion:

This was a cute episode, even though nothing much happened.  We basically just get to see all the girls hanging out and goofing off.  The first act with the cell phone was a bit bland to me, mainly because I just don’t like it when Komari acts all whiny.  The second act was a bit… weird for this series, with Renge going all “Fist of the North Star” on her sister.  And the third act was just adorable.  So all in all it was a mixed bag.

I am biased but I don’t like Komari much.  She’s an okay character but her whining about not being tall enough or not acting mature enough is really grating.  I like her better when she’s not trying so hard to be “an adult.”  It was nice to see Konomi again, though.

I’m kinda disappointed in the second act.  It was basically all Renge and Hikage, and they’re usually pretty fun.  But I dunno, the particular “joke” this time just fell a bit flat.  The entire scene between them actually felt a bit boring, aside from Renge attacking her sister.

The last act was my favorite act of the episode.  It’s really nice to see Hotaru acting like how old she really is, because she tends to act really mature when in public.  It wasn’t entirely surprising to me, but it was still fun to watch.  Also, Hotaru’s relationship with her mother is precious.

Overall, I guess this was an okay episode.  It felt a bit lackluster compared to the previous ones, but it was still an entertaining watch.  The next episode is probably the last, and we’re going to be returning to springtime once again.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Oh if only you all knew how she acts at home.