Ebina is a sweetie and I absolutely hate that her main gimmick is “fanservice.”


Ebina stops by Umaru’s house to give them a package of rice from Akita as a gift, and Taihei invites her in for lunch in an attempt to get Umaru to eat more veggies.  However, Ebina’s still hungry so they end up getting a small pizza delivered.

In the next act, Taihei has an important meeting and Umaru has trouble choosing snacks.  It’s later revealed that Umaru actually spent so long choosing a snack because she wanted to give it to Taihei, expecting him to fail his meeting.  Spoiler: he didn’t.

Taihei is more moe than Umaru could ever hope to be.

To celebrate, Taihei takes Umaru and Ebina out for parfaits.  And then he watches in horror as two high school girls absolutely demolish a giant parfait—and ask for seconds.

I could never finish a parfait that big because I am a lightweight and also I don’t really like sweets.

In the next act, it’s the rainy season.  Kirie visits the Umaru household.  Umaru and Kirie are both super bummed so Taihei reminds them that summer’s coming.

I feel kinda bad that this scene was essentially played for laughs because damn is Kirie’s entire life-story heartbreaking.

Taihei helped make things a bit better though.

In the last act, it’s summertime again and Umaru enjoys her summer days.

Ice cream claw machines exist and I have seen them IRL. Don’t know how good ice cream from something like that would be, though.

My Opinion:

This episode didn’t have much substance, and could basically be called “that one episode where Umaru and Ebina eat a lot of food” because that’s basically what it was.  I guess it was still entertaining, though.  At least Umaru herself wasn’t too annoying.

I feel like Kirie and Slyphyn have really been getting shafted lately.  I know they’re secondary characters but they haven’t been getting much screentime in the last few episodes.  The bit with Kirie having a traumatic flashback—that’s actually never expanded on in the manga either (at least, not yet).  I wish the mangaka would actually address this one day, because you can’t hint at some kind of backstory like that and then just sweep it aside.  Also, Slyphyn has still yet to enter outside-Umaru’s circle of friends so some of her more heartwarming arcs haven’t happened yet… ah well.

The time skipping in this episode felt weird.  It’s rare for an anime to have TWO summer arcs within a single season.  But I guess a summer episode is what we’re ending on.  Yes, next week’s episode is the last.  I actually ended up enjoying this series a lot more than I thought I would.  There is still A LOT of material left to cover, so a second season isn’t out of the question.  I really hope that does happen, as Umaru-chan seems like a decently popular series. (And we haven’t even touched on all the significant plot points yet)

Anyway, this episode was alright.  It felt kind of lackluster because I just don’t find it interesting when anime characters eat food in such great detail, but whatever.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

See you guys in the last episode!