Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 12 (FINAL)

This screencap pretty accurately sums up Umaru’s personality.


In the first act, Umaru wants Taihei to get a car so that she can be even lazier.  However, after seeing how badly Taihei is affected by driving, Umaru decides against it.

The rest of the episode is then dedicated to Umaru and friends (and Taihei and Bomber) going to Enoshima to spend time at the beach and the nearby city.  Bomber is too oblivious to recognize his sister, Kirie.  Meanwhile, Kirie worries about Komari, since Umaru obviously can’t be in two places at once.  Umaru almost reveals her other identity, but comes up with an excuse instead after taking Kirie to the aquarium to cheer her up.  The girls then all hit the beach, where they meet with Sylphyn.  They spend the entire day playing around and having fun.

Don’t let your imagination get the best of you, Bomber.
I didn’t get the top part of it, but Ebina’s ringing a “love bell” there.
I always find aquariums real calming.
It’s not summertime without a trip to the beach!

My Opinion:

I don’t like how this episode handled the beach chapter.  In the manga, Kirie doesn’t even think about Komari, because Umaru as Komari doesn’t even mention going to the beach to Kirie (if I remember correctly).  I feel like making Kirie bring up Komari in this episode was the anime producers’ attempt to instill some sort of drama in the final episode—which made it all the more disappointing when Umaru keeps making excuses to hide her alter-persona.  I mean, I get it; Umaru still hasn’t revealed her true identities in the manga, so it wouldn’t make sense for her to do it at this point in the anime.  However, I still feel that this was a cheap cliffhanger of sorts.

The anime also really highlights just how badly written that particular manga chapter was.  Yes, Bomber is really dumb enough not to recognize his own sister.  I can forgive Bomber for not recognizing Umaru when she’s in “outside-mode” but your own freaking sister?!?  It’s such an asspull way of maintaining the status quo between Kirie and Bomber.  I guess the mangaka thought that the dumb running joke of Kirie constantly abusing her brother was funny enough to keep going?  Okay, sure.  Whatever.  It’s just such a horribly contrived way of doing it.

The only thing I didn’t feel terribly annoyed by was Sylphyn’s appearance.  She doesn’t show up at all in the original manga chapter, so I’m glad they managed to sneak her in her.  I was hoping she’d get one last appearance before the series ended.

Overall… I’m not fond of this episode, but then again I think this particular manga chapter they animated was my least favorite of the whole series.  At least the animation was nice?  Ultimately, the series doesn’t end on any satisfactory note but that does leave room for future seasons.  With how popular Umaru-chan is, I’m sure that’s going to happen.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Final Thoughts:

How much you enjoy this series will be heavily dependent on how much you can stand Umaru’s brattiness.  It is also dependent on how much you care about the secondary characters, because I honestly wouldn’t have blogged this series if not for them.  Basically, this series centers on Umaru and her being a lazy turd.  That’s not to say that she doesn’t get better, because she does… it just takes a really long time for her to get to that point.  In this series, status quo is god.

Despite how annoying it is to see Umaru act like a brat and abuse her older brother, this series can be funny and even heartwarming at times… unfortunately too many of those times are merely because the focus was shifted to other characters, or on relationships that Umaru has with others.  Still, as a whole, this series is enjoyable if lacking in substance or plot most of the time.  It’s basically a slice-of-life anime except with more gags.

The Umaru-chan anime adapts the manga chapters pretty much in order, though some chapters are shifted around to better fit with the theme of the episode, and some chapters got cut.  The most noticeable change was that Sylphyn gets much more screentime.  The anime adapts the early chapters, where Sylphyn hasn’t yet become a major character, so I’m glad they managed to sneak her in even though she doesn’t appear much originally.  However, I still think it was a bad move of them to drastically change the manga chapter that was animated for the last episode.

To end, Himouto! Umaru-chan is an incredibly mixed bag.  While the animation is nice your mileage may vary on how enjoyable you find the characters/episodes.  Even though Umaru is still my least favorite character of the series (despite being the heroine) I still ended up enjoying this series.  So take of that what you will.

Out of five for this series as a whole:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

The final ED was real cute so I’m going to do a mini picture spam here.

Sylphyn is still best girl.
This picture was just really adorable.
Farewell, everyone. (Until next season?)

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