Wakaba*Girl Episodes 12 and 13 (Final)

All the illustrations that popped out when Mao was discussing winter activities was really cute.

Episode 12 Summary:

It starts snowing once the girls are in school, and Wakaba is amazed.  She and her family always moved to a more tropical location once winter hit so this is her first time seeing snow.  The girls go play in the snow after school, having a massive snowball fight.

I would never be able to handle snow, as nice as it looks. I can’t stand the cold.
This mini film reel section was also pretty cute.

Unfortunately, Wakaba gets sick because she’s not used to this cold.  The other three girls help walk her home, and she tells them how happy she is to have such great friends.  The next day, Wakaba is better, but she overhears her mom talking over the phone with her father.  Her father must relocate for his job… which means Wakaba’s family will have to relocate too.


Episode 13 Summary:

It’s been three days since Wakaba got sick, and she hasn’t come back to school since.  Nao, Mao, and Moe are worried, so the girls volunteer Nao to call up Wakaba’s house.  It turns out that Wakaba’s been depressed about something, and has been holed up in her room for the past few days.  Since the girls are super worried about Wakaba, they decide to ditch school and head to Wakaba’s mansion.


Once there, they are invited in by Wakaba’s mother.  Upon hearing that her friends have come for her, Wakaba lets them into her room.  There, she tearfully tells them that she’ll have to move soon.  However, Wakaba is old enough to live on her own, so Nao is once again volunteered to speak on behalf of everyone; asking Wakaba’s mother to allow Wakaba to stay.  But… it turns out it was all a misunderstanding.  Only Wakaba’s father is moving.  Everyone else is staying put.

Celebratory pizza!

Relieved, Wakaba and her friends continue to hang out for the rest of the day.  Wakaba then realizes something—her dream wasn’t really to become a “gyaru,” it was just to become a “regular girl.”

It is soon springtime, and a new school term is starting.  Thankfully, the girls all manage to be in the same class, in the same seats.  And so, a new adventure begins.

I’m not going to give any context for this.

My Opinion:

I sorta predicted that some drama would appear in these last few episodes, and I also guessed at that ending (that it would all just be a misunderstanding).  Even if the plot wasn’t the most original one out there, at least the build-up was pretty heartwarming.

I don’t know, there’s just not much I can say about these last two episodes.  The snow scenery was nice, and set a nice tone for how serious these episodes ended up being.  The episodes were mostly just to bring Wakaba’s character development to a close.  She now has friends (something she never had before) and is finally able to experience what it feels like to be a normal girl.  The series does ultimately end in the same fashion it started, which is a nice touch.  The girls are now on their way to starting their second year!  Sadly, we won’t get to see it (unless a second season gets made, but I doubt it).

Overall, these two episodes do a pretty good job of closing the series.  It also packed in quite a bit of plot despite how short the episodes are.  I honestly would have been fine with a less dramatic ending, but I suppose a series has to close on SOME sort of revelation.

Anyway, out of five for these two episodes:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

Final Thoughts:

Wakaba*Girl is a really cute and light-hearted series.  It strongly focuses on the “slice-of-life” aspect but mixes it up by having a rich girl as the main character.  There are also some small overarching plotlines.  Basically, you would probably enjoy this if you like watching cute girls doing cute things.

The series also has its moments of comedy, but the strongest point of the series is in the heart-warming scenes between the characters.  Despite being a series of shorts, the animation is also fairly good as well.

The only criticism I have is that I wish certain events had been focused on more.  Although the series did hit the typical anime “seasonal activities” I wish they had the chance to show the girls doing something like… visiting a theme park or going to a forest in the fall.  And the series also completely skipped over Christmas, which would have been cute to see.

To end, if you want to watch something short and sweet, then you can’t really go wrong with Wakaba*Girl.  I certainly enjoyed it immensely.

Out of five for the series as a whole:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2

One final logo shot!

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