It’s THE FUTURE and HackaDolls have been developed as “entertainment AI.”  HackaDoll 0 scolds the current models HackaDoll #1, #2, and #3 for being terrible compared to their older counterparts.  Despite this, she still sends them off to an owner, and it is the trio’s job to “advance” their owner.

The trio’s owner happens to be a shy fujoshi girl.  They fail to make a good first impression on her.  And on me as well.

Why can’t we see more of #0, she’s cool.

I guess this could be funny…?

My Opinion:

Let me get this out of the way first: the animation for this series is actually REALLY good for this being an anime short.  It’s fluid, and the colors are extremely vibrant.  Of course, there are noticeable shortcuts taken in some places (like fujoshi girl’s house), but the characters themselves don’t ever seem off-model.

THAT SAID the rest of this episode… it wasn’t that great.  This anime feels like it’s attempting to be Di Gi Chart 2.0.  Something about the humor and characters just seem very 90s too me; probably because they’re playing anime character archetypes so straight and they’re not even ashamed of it.  If it wasn’t for the animation quality I would have thought this was an old school anime.

HackaDoll #1 is the annoying, hyperactive genki-type character that I just cannot stand.  I LIKE genki-type characters.  But not when they’re portrayed like this.  Then there’s the blue-haired one (can’t remember her number) who’s basically Sloth personified and then there’s the pink-haired one who’s main gimmick is “fanservice girl.”  Yeah.  They really put in so much effort in making these characters interesting /sarcasm.

This series seems like it’s supposed to be a comedy/gag one, except for the fact that it just isn’t that funny.  This anime falls into the pitfall a lot of “comedy” anime have–in that they equate “randomness” with humor.  I guess this would be funnier if I were younger, but simply being “random” is lazy.

The only thing I have to commend Hackadoll on is that they could have really easily made the trio’s owner a dude–and then turned this into a fanservice series.  I mean, there IS already fanservice but I know it would have been so much worse if their owner was a male character.

Anyway, this series is pretty bland unless you really like random humor.  The OP for this show basically sums up what it’s about so take a look at that if you’re unsure about this anime.

Out of five:

precure heart2

I can’t believe I found Lance n’ Masques a better anime than this.

I think it’s proven by now that good animation alone can’t carry an anime.