“First Impression time, hooray!” *sees first anime on list* “Oh maaaaaan.”

look at that crappy animation goddamn


Our main character’s name is Yotaro.  He is a descendent of a famous Knight, and also gets knighted himself.  As part of the “Knights of the World,” his job is to protect the innocent from evil.  However, there is a problem: Yotaro does not want to be a knight.  He merely wants to be a normal boy.  However, there is yet ANOTHER problem… Yotaro has been trained so hard since childhood to be a knight that he reacts instinctively in “knight-like” ways.  This affliction is called… “White Knight Syndrome.”  Yes.  Seriously.


Anyway, Yotaro somehow finds himself in another country(?).  He “accidentally” saves a young girl who falls from a cliff.  Thankfully, since he is wearing a mask at the time, the girl doesn’t recognize him.  The girl, named Makio, later finds Yotaro (without his mask) and invites him to her place for dinner.  It turns out that she’s actually super rich and lives in a mansion with maids.  Of course, there is a catch; and her sudden ~tragic backstory~ kicks in.  Makio, despite being six years old, mainly lives alone, because her father has forbid anyone from getting close to her—even her maids.  Yuhua is the only one of her maids who stays, because she worries about Makio despite orders.

Okay but what the hell is this. (Also she’s a horse, not a dog you dumbass)

Before Yotaro can leave the mansion, a couple of thugs appear, attempting to kidnap Makio.  Yotaro is once again forced to save the day, which he does easily.  As Yotaro considers the consequences of his actions later, Yuhua informs him of a group of people who know him.  It is Alice, a horse-girl named Shirohime, and a scary maid lady named Yoriko.

i literally don’t have anything to say here

My Opinion:

This anime is really dumb.  There, I said it.  Let me dissect it bit by bit just to tell you how dumb it is.

If you take the plot at its base, it is essentially “a teenaged boy somehow lives with a young rich girl and has to protect her and also there is a maid”—and that’s basically the plotline of Hayato the Combat Butler.  So this series isn’t very original by any means.  But that’s not the only cliché we have!  Yotaro, our protag, only wants to be a normal boy, oh boy!  And Makio is a lonely rich girl, oh man!  AND THEY BOTH HAVE SHITTY DADS AND DEAD MOMS FOR MAXIMUM ANGST!  (Well, okay, I don’t know if Yotaro’s mom is actually dead, but she’s never mentioned so…)

We also have extremely annoying characters by the way of Alice and Shirohime, who seem to serve nothing more than extremely bad comic relief by the way of them constantly bickering and shouting at each other.  Because we all know anime characters yelling and being loud is the epitome of humor.  Also the animation for this series is kinda bad for a first episode.

This anime is dumb.  It is dumb, it is silly, and it is cheesy as hell… and yet somehow I was entertained by it?  Don’t get me wrong, my above criticisms still stand; but this series is so damn narmy that it’s actually hilarious to me.  Depending on your tastes, this series really could be “so bad it’s good.”  However, the utterly annoying side characters and the badly forced creepy one-sided (I really fucking hope) romance between Makio and Yotaro really puts a damper on things.  Not to mention that this anime will definitely play up the “let’s take Makio’s innocent comments and make them sound really lewd out of context!” trope which is both annoying and nauseating.  SHE’S SIX GUYS.  STOP BEING SUCH CREEPERS.

Overall… yeah.  It’s dumb.  But it could be entertaining if you can stand all the other bullshit to get to the really small good parts.  The best part about this series is arguably the soundtrack.  The soundtrack is a mix of Latin and Celtic music styles and is actually quite good.  But I digress.

Out of five for this series (objective opinion):

precure heart2

Personal rating because the second half of the episode was hilarious to me:

precure heart2precure heart2

I am actually half-considering whether I want to watch all of this because I have bad taste in anime, but I’ll wait until the second episode comes out to decide that.

If anything, at least Yotaru looks almost handsome with that mask and cape.