A catastrophic event called Invertia disrupts all governments and civilizations on earth, giving rise to humans with super physical abilities and magical powers.  Five years prior to the start of the series, a young woman falls in a duel.

Flash-forward to five years later and we are introduced to Ayato, who’s just transferred to a prestigious school.  After accidentally walking in on a girl changing, she immediately battles him to a duel.  Her name is Julis, and she has power over fire.  Fortunately for Ayato, the student council president, Claudia, intervenes.  She takes Ayato up to the school office, where she formally introduces him to the school and Festas, which are big battle tournaments between the six magical schools that are held every year.

Ayato isn’t bad looking but he’s still sorta bland.

Ayato asks about his older sister, who went to this school before him.  Unfortunately, the remaining records for her say that she disappeared from the school five years ago…

Later on, Ayato gets on with his regular school life; meeting a guy named Yabuki who is supposedly his roommate.  As school ends and the two begin to head to the dorms, they end up seeing an encounter between Julis and an angry young man named Lester.

I don’t really like Claudia…

My Opinion:

So that was a light novel anime.  Okay, next series—wait; you actually want me to do a proper review?  Okay, fine.

This anime is so anime it hurts.  There are tons of light novel clichés, leading me to believe that all light novel authors only have a limited pool of tropes to pull from and that they’re going to be reusing and mixing up those tropes for the rest of eternity.  Once again, there’s some kind of disastrous event that gives rise to humans with super-powers.  There is also a magical school for these gifted students, and also there are battle tournaments because… why not.  This trope on its own played seriously would already be annoying, but then we have the typical anime slapstick shenanigans.  Oh man, a guy walking in on a girl changing!  Because there is no other way to introduce a female lead!  Also, the “hey I saved you but I accidentally grabbed your chest in the process so now you hate my guts” trope shows up here.  Because light novel authors can’t think of any other way to create drama I guess?

What makes me so infuriated at series like this is… what the hell kind of tone are you going for?  Either play this series as a straight serious drama or make it a gag anime—don’t do BOTH.  Do you know how jarring it is when the serious moments are suddenly interrupted by tropes you would normally find in a bad high school gag anime?  Anyway, there’s also Claudia, who’s meant to be super likeable but ends up being annoying.  That’s not completely her fault, though; as the anime makes sure to tell you just how big her breasts are ‘cause it won’t stop focusing on it nearly every scene she’s in.  Classy.

Overall, generic anime is generic.  The animation is nice but that’s probably the only good thing about it.  The characters are bland, and there’s also one of my most hated tropes; the “female character related to the main lead gets killed to give male lead something to angst about.”  If you’re really desperate for a school battle anime, I suppose you could find much worse than this series.  But you could probably find better too.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2

I’ve seen much worse (and much worse in this season alone), but this still isn’t that great a series in my opinion.

I just want my next few animes to not be giant stinkers