There’s a dude going to a magical high school for magical teens and he walks in on a pink-haired princess from an imaginary country getting dressed and she gets so mad she tries to kill him with fire magic, also she is a magical prodigy and has some angsty past. They end up having a duel and even though the pink-haired princess from a made-up country acts like she hates the boring protagonist she very obviously has tsundere feelings for him because he is a Nice Guy.
Pop quiz time: was that the plot of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, or Gakuen Toshi Asterisk (AKA the Asterisk War)? Trick question, it’s both.

This pink-haired princess has an even worse design than the other one because her hair has that awful gradient on it. its -how- many shades of pink at once? and fuschia? really?

Look, I’m not one of those people who rant on and on about how crap anime has become in recent years, and I tend to find those people annoying, but we literally, right now, have an anime season where there are not only two magical teenagers at magic school with the title somethingsomething EnglishWord that aired on the exact same day based on light novels, but they have almost scene-for-scene the exact same tedious bullshit occurring in both. The only reason I know this is because I remembered being assigned a light novel anime about magical teenagers at magical highschool that airs on October 3rd with the title ‘somethingsomething EnglishWord’ and i watched the wrong one because there was, in this current anime industry, two of those. In other words I had to suffer through this insufferable bullshit twice and it wasn’t fun. If I had just watched Cavalry on its own, I would have merely ranted about why there are still light novel authors in Japan that think ‘magical teenagers at magical high school also I literally cannot think of a way to introduce a female character that isn’t ‘the protagonist walks in on her changing” is an idea we seriously need more of in the world. But because I ended up mistakenly watching Asterisk first, this is now a rant about the fact that it was pretty much the same show. I mean, come on. I expected garbage, but I didn’t expect the same show. I don’t know which shitty unoriginal light novel came first, but did they just not sue because the plot is so stagnant and unoriginal to begin with? Or was there just a glitch in that ‘generic light novel’ generator machine that I am almost positive actually exists now so that it spat out the same damn thing twice? The fact that they aired on the same day is surely also on purpose, right?
I’m just so tired.

what the fuck

Out of 5,