“We haven’t been relevant since the Showa era!”


To celebrate what would have been mangaka Fujio Akatsuka’s 80th birthday, the Osomatsu-kun anime has been revived! The main characters (the Matsuno sextuplets) and other characters are ecstatic, and start celebrating. Only Choromatsu has doubts about whether their Showa-era gags and art style would really cut it in the modern era.

We then cut to the six brothers attempting a modern day high school anime. They succeed at first, but eventually the effort of sustaining their bishonen art style proves too much for them to handle. Things get crazy as all sorts of genres are thrown into the episode, culminating in a giant mess.

A boy idol anime? Why not?

I cannot believe this meme got incorporated somehow.


do I even need to explain what this is parodying

Eventually, the brothers realize that this isn’t the anime that Akatasuka wold have wanted. And so, the brothers spend ten years attempting to figure out what to do. They are now 20 years old and have gone from being Osomatsu-kun to Osomatsu-san. And so, the anime series really starts proper.

My Opinion:

I’m really glad I got to review this, because after three terribly bad anime all I wanted was something halfway decent. Fortunately for me, this was more than decent, this was actually pretty darn good. Your mileage may vary, of course, since I’m already fond of oddball humor/old-school style anime.

This first episode was hard to summarize, because it was basically a giant parody of the most popular tropes in modern anime. We have the boy idols, the high school setting, the otome genre… and that was BEFORE things got wacky. Then of course we have blatant copyright infringements like Attack on Titan, Naruto, Pokemon, Totoro, Sailor Moon… the list goes on. That’s not to say that this joke didn’t get old, because this one gag did go on for 18 minutes in all. But this has got to be one of the better executed “let’s parody everything about modern anime” that I have ever seen. And at least there was some sort of justifiable reason for it. Plus, come on, how could I not laugh at them poking fun of really bad anime cliches that I just witnessed in this season alone.

That said, I really do prefer the brothers in their “Showa era” art style. Sure it’s not at all similar to what modern anime looks like, but that’s mainly why I like it so much. It’s unique. I will say this, though: I know it was intentional, but the brothers looking so much alike will definitely throw me off for a while until I properly learn everyone’s names/personalities. They do have very distinct personalities, and even little facial differences to keep them from looking too samey; but the fact that their names are so similar makes it tricky.

Overall, a quirky but fun anime with surprisingly good animation. Even though it was treated as sort of a joke, the six brothers respecting Akatsuka so much that they decided to properly revive their anime was sweet. It also segues nicely into the new anime, which, instead of focusing on the brothers as kids, now focuses on their hijinks as adults. I think this was a really smart move on the producers’ part, because a classic Showa era styled anime (while it would be a really great way of honoring Akatsuka) probably wouldn’t be that popular. Of course there’s still the classic jokes thrown in there, but it’s nice that even the characters poke fun at how dated that sort of humor is.

Anyway, out of five:

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I will probably most likely be blogging all of this unless the last few animes I have to review really wow me (I doubt it).

Just six brothers lazing around.