I wish I could convey to you all just how CHEESY this scene was. Imagine ominous Latin chanting and singing, and then suddenly there’s random English voice acted by a guy who thinks he’s a really good actor but sounds like it’s his first year in high school drama class.


Ritsuka is just your normal, everyday high school girl, who dreams of someday meeting her “prince.”  Every morning, her mom gives her a charm, which she puts into the locket necklace around Ritsuka’s neck.  Her older brother is a priest, and works in London.

This was also a musical number. Probably the “best” out of the three, though it was still pretty cheesy.

One day at school, Ritsuka is called before the student council for apparently breaking some school laws.  However, Ritsuka doesn’t know what she’s done wrong.  The head student council president, Rem, attempts to hypnotize Ritsuka, but she is protected due to her locket.  Ritsuka, not having any idea what just happened, just leaves in a huff.

This was… ALSO a musical number… The guy on the right got cut off there but let’s just say he looks to be AT LEAST in his 20s. What are you doing in high school, man.

After school, Ritsuka goes home to find her house ransacked and her mother injured, with a couple of shadowy figures within.  Her mother tells her to run, and she does so, calling the police as well.  However, when the police finally get to her place, they find the house to be in good shape.  Ritsuka is baffled and worried about her mom, who has now disappeared.  Not knowing what else to do, Ritsuka calls up her brother, and he tells her to stay at her friend’s place in the meantime.

En route to her friend’s place, Ritsuka is accosted by the shadowy figures from before.  They ask her for the location of the grimoire, which Ritsuka has no idea about. Thankfully, Rem suddenly arrives on the scene, and subdues the figures with magic.  Ritsuka then ends up staying at Rem’s mansion for the night, not knowing what her life has now become.

What the hell kind of school do you all go to

My Opinion:

I’m not really fond of harem anime typically, and I’m not fond of reverse-harems either.  Harem anime tend to be gross and misogynistic, and reverse harems usually also come across as misogynistic for an entirely different set of reasons.  That said, I guess this anime wasn’t too bad.  It still reduced Ritsuka to the “damsel in distress,” and she’s often treated akin to “meat” in the male characters eyes.  But let’s just say it could have been way worse.

This anime’s biggest problem is that it doesn’t seem to know just how narmy it is.  Once the episode starts up, we are treated to not one; not two; but THREE musical numbers.  I get the feeling it’s meant to come off as artsy and cool, but it was just hilariously cheesy.  And then after that, we get force-fed straight up drama; so I have absolutely no idea what tone this anime is going for.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded an anime styled like a musical—even one with musical numbers as bad as this because it was funny as heck.  Sadly, the second half of the anime goes all grimdark on us and there are no more songs… which then brings up the question of WHY they implemented those musical numbers in the first place.

Anyway, Ritsuka’s the only remotely interesting character in this entire show, even though she’s the reverse-harem lead.  Her design is rather boring (another MC with a bob-style haircut, really?), but I do like that she actually has some sort of personality.  She’s assertive, and not going to take any shit from Rem and his student council.  Unfortunately, MAGIC SHIT happens so she’s reduced to being the one that has to get saved by the male character(s).  It’s sad.

Overall, this was an interesting start for a series I guess?  I really do wish they had just stuck with the musical numbers, because then we wouldn’t get this really weird clash of cheesiness and then sudden drama.  It’s really jarring.  Other than that, I guess the animation is decent, and the story could be potentially interesting.  It feels like they may end up re-using clichéd otome game tropes (despite this being an anime original series), which is unfortunate.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Alas, Ritsuka, you would have been such a good character in a better anime.