Hey everyone! Been kinda quite on the reviewing front because most of the series I have left now are shorts, and I make it a rule not to do a single episode review of one unless it’s over five minutes. This series is composed of two minute episodes.


Wow, an anime protag that ISN’T sitting next to a window? Sadly that’s probably the only notable thing about this anime.


For some reason, everyone comes to Komori for help with… basically everything. That’s it. That’s the anime.

Komori’s two friends are so forgettable I don’t even know their names.

“talking about butts is funny right”

The first episode was basically just an introduction to Komori’s circumstances, while the second episode was literally just about Komori’s boobs. Classy.

My back hurts just looking at this.

My Opinion:

An anime with a two-minute running time is unforgivable. Probably the only anime with a running time this short that I will forgive is Wakako-zake, because it’s an anime centered on food and makes pretty good use of its short running time (a longer running time for an anime like that would be utterly boring).

But in Komori-san’s case… well, I guess the two minute run time (actually more like 1 minute and a half due to credits) isn’t too bad, because it at least spared me from watching any more of this series. This series’ only punchline is “everyone asks Komori for help, and ONLY Komori for some reason.” It’s hinted that part of the reason is because she’s so tall, but with just how OFTEN she’s asked it probably has something more to do with anime logic.

As a gag anime, Komori-san utterly fails because it’s not funny. It’s actually even a bit boring??? With a two minute run time, that’s impressive. The joke of everyone coming to Komori for help isn’t as funny as the mangaka seemed to think it was. There’s only so much you can do with that joke before it becomes repetitive. And of course, there’s the required “character has big boobs so the characters with small boobs feel envious” anime joke. That said, holy cow, Komori’s chest… I DON’T THINK BOOBS WORK THAT WAY???

Overall, unless you’re really desperate to watch something and only have like… five minutes in the day to do it, I guess you could watch Komori-san? Just be warned, it’s not very good.

Out of five:


As much as I like anime based on 4-komas, maybe we shouldn’t animate EVERY 4-koma out there.

The credits sequence was the best part of this series… because it gave us this somewhat cute shot and also signaled the end of the episode.