Three and a half minute episodes ahoy



Tohya, whose family runs a hot springs inn, accidentally summons Hakone, who is a hot springs fairy. She’s supposed to have a beautiful body but is now stuck in childlike form because she has been weakened from sleeping for so long. She also really likes hot spring buns.


Tohya has a crush on Haruna, whose family owns another hot springs inn. Haruna has a younger sister named Aki.

This series is basically about their shenanigans together.

I just wanted a shot of all of them (minus Aki).

This was the only gag that made me laugh because it was so dumb

My Opinion:

Despite having each episode only running for three minutes this anime was just so terribly uninspired. Right from the start we’re hit with cliche after cliche. Also, there’s the required BOOB GRAB and BIG BOOB VS. SMALL BOOB “gags.” I say “gags” with quotation marks because this crap isn’t funny, it’s dumb and cliched. At this point, this anime isn’t even attempting any sort of new humor, it’s just trying to reuse tired tropes in the hopes that it’ll be funny just because we have bland new characters. That wasn’t a typo either, these characters really are bland. Their personalities can basically be summed up in one sentence.

Tohya: likes Haruna. Haruna: she’s nice I guess? Aki: tsundere. Hakone: lazy/arrogant god archetype. Do you guys see what I mean?┬áThis anime also has what is probably the most unappealing art style ever. Everyone’s eyes look too blocky??? Also, is Hakone’s hair supposed to be tied up in twintails or what? You don’t see any indication of hair ties, though I guess you can just chalk that up to “goddess magic” or some crap.

Anyway, this anime isn’t great. Unless you really want some more cliched anime gags that you’ve probably already seen a thousand times.

Out of five:

precure heart2

because it at least managed to make me laugh, ONCE.

Tohya actually said something more like “hey!” here, but at least the translators are having fun with this.