Sorry I ended up actually kinda liking this dumb anime


Continuing on from last episode, Yotaro’s acquaintances have now joined him in living at Makio’s mansion. Yoriko is his “maid” who has also raised him to be a knight from birth; Shirohime (the horse) is his “noble steed,” and Alice is his apprentice knight-in-training (so basically, a squire).

Isn’t Yotaro kinda young to already have a squire?

As Yotaro and Makio are taking a walk outside one day, Yotaro realizes that Makio hasn’t been enrolled in school yet. He decides to take matters into his own hands and goes off to try to get a meeting with Makio’s father. Meanwhile, Yuhua (Makio’s former maid) has returned back to her orphanage, and her brother, Yuyan, is PISSED. Yuyan goes to Makio’s place to “make her pay,” believing that she was the one who “hurt” his sis.

Very likely that this isn’t the last we’ll see of Yuhua.


Thanks to Yoriko (and her car), Yotaro arrives at the office of Makio’s father. He ends up meeting Kongoji, a fellow knight. Kongoji claims that the shadowy thugs who tried to kidnap Makio were remnants of an evil organization called “Ban.” Also, Makio’s father has decided to move Makio overseas for her safety. Yotaro quickly realizes that this is just an attempt to isolate Makio again, and demands to meet with her father. However, Kongoji is currently serving under Makio’s father, and the two fight; with Kongoji breaking Yotaro’s lance in the process.

that lance is still ridiculous

Thus, Yotaro has to go back to Makio’s house; dejected. Unfortunately, there’s more bad news in store for Yotaro at Makio’s mansion–Alice is injured, and Makio has been kidnapped.

My Opinion:

“Ari why are you reviewing this anime?”

Well… it’s part guilty pleasure and part “holy cow this second episode was actually pretty decent???” Don’t get me wrong, they’ve merely swapped out cheesy anime bullshit for cliched drama bullshit but this episode still ended up being somewhat entertaining. Also, man, the swerve in tone between this and the last episode. The last episode had pacing as slow as an ant stuck in molasses, but this episode basically compacted what it takes any other anime five episodes to do.

I’m mainly just glad that they decided to stop doing the stupid anime gag stuff, like making Makio’s innocent comments sound dirty, and the dumb banter between Alice and Shirohime. The anime significantly improves with just those omissions alone. Also, I’m really glad Alice didn’t turn out to be as annoying as she could have been. I thought she was just gonna be the “jealous clingy girl” but she’s surprisingly pretty chill, if a bit ditzy.

Of course, this episode has a whole new set of problems, in that it’s still pretty… anime. Yuyan’s appearance was meant to be threatening but it just came off as ridiculous and hilarious. Yuhua, you could have actually, I dunno, attempted to stop him?! Also, everything about Kongoji is so damn melodramatic that it’s funny. So, I guess this anime could be a contender of “so bad it’s good?” Or rather, “so damn cheesy and anime that it’s hilarious.”

Looking past the ANIMAAAAY aspects of the series, at least it’s trying to attempt some sort of compelling storytelling. I’m a sucker for series where there’s a young kid who becomes good friends with an older character (just please don’t make it really creepy). The “knight’s loyalty” thing can also come off as overdramatic but it does bring up a good point. How far are you willing to weigh your loyalty to your boss against doing what is right?

Overall, the art style is still… not this series’ strong point, and the storytelling could either be “potentially interesting” or “a load of cliches” depending on your tastes. I’m willing to at least give this series a shot. For now.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Osomatsu-san is still my priority anime for this season, so if I end up being too busy or this series starts annoying me, it’ll be the first to get cut.

I still think this anime’s art style is a little too “cutesy” for the subject matter but in scenes like this it doesn’t look too bad.