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The episode was composed of two parts. The first part dealt with the six brothers attempting to get a job. They eventually manage to get a questionable one, at a somewhat illegal looking factory. However, the brothers soon realize that such a life isn’t fit for them, and do manage to get a job… at their own pace.

Iyami’s first proper appearance in the new anime!

I’m not providing any context for this.

In the second part of the episode, the eldest brother, Osomatsu, is left at home all alone. Bored, he decides to go out into the city looking for his siblings. He ends up finding out that all of his brothers have their own sort of life, with hobbies that even HE didn’t know about. This thought makes him depressed, and he wails about his troubles to Chibita, who runs a street food cart. Chibita tries to cheer Osomatsu up by saying that he wished he had siblings when he was a kid, to which Osomatsu angrily replies that the comment has nothing to do with his current situation. Nonetheless, Osomatsu returns home attempting to be a better older brother, because the only person who knows his brothers that well is himself.

Choromatsu: confirmed for closet otaku.

My Opinion:

I really liked this episode, because we finally dispensed with the parody shenanigans and started with the series proper. A lot of people didn’t like this second episode, saying that it wasn’t as funny as the first, and that there weren’t enough references. As much as I liked the parodies, I don’t think that alone would be enough to carry a series. And hey, there were still some references in this episode (the title for the second skit was basically a Haruhi reference).

What I liked the most about this episode is that we finally get to really see the brothers’ different personalities. Osomatsu is the “leader,” with a bit of an ego; Karamatsu is the “chuunibuyou” one who thinks he’s real cool when he’s not; Choromatsu is the most responsible and smartest of the brothers, but also a worrywart; Ichimatsu is the one who just doesn’t give a crap about anything; Jyushimatsu is the goofball (and kind of an idiot); and Todomatsu is the childish, yet extremely popular one. They all also have subtle facial differences, and of course, different VAs. My favorite so far is Jyushimatsu, who is also voiced by Daisuke Ono.

Although both skits were hilarious in their own way, I liked the second skit much more; as it focused on the relationship between Osomatsu and his brothers. It also subverts sappy happy endings—instead of being touched by Chibita’s words, Osomatsu instead got annoyed by them. But, even so; Osomatsu has to deal with taking care of his “younger” brothers. It’s a much more realistic ending than what we usually get in anime.

Overall, I’m still greatly enjoying this series. The art style might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I rather like it. It looks simple but is actually rather well animated. The humor is a very odd, and also might not appeal to everyone. If you like oddball anime, though; this will probably be one of the best comedy series you’ll get this season.

Out of five for this episode:

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Must be tough having five siblings who look almost exactly like you.