My last FI of the season. If you’re wondering why it took so long for me to do this review, it’s because this is a 3:30 minute anime and I make it a rule not to review one episode of an anime short unless it’s over five minutes.

Get this piece of garbage out of my face.


Somera-chan and her sister, Kukuru are orphans (their parents died when they were kids) and also they’re super poor. However, Somera did inherit some sort of “magic fist” power which lets her do weird crap.

I hate everything about this anime, but it’s a tie between the art style and random humor for what I hate most. And this is one of the better looking shots.

In the first episode, there’s not much food in the house so Somera users her magic fist powers to summon some. Also, their dog gets involved somehow.

In the second episode, Somera and co. attempt to recruit a fourth character into the cast, but it’s all just a ploy to get some money out of them.


I’m pretty sure that’s not what she actually said but whatever

My Opinion:

The art style for this series reminds me strongly of that for Ai Mai Mii… and as I suspected, the 4-koma series this anime is based on is by the same mangaka as Ai Mai Mii. I’m tempted to just cut and paste my opinion from Ai Mai Mii into this review, because my sentiments of that anime is essentially the same for this one. Why the hell should I put effort into my review when this anime barely has any effort put into it? It’s got the same awful “LOL RANDOM IS FUNNY RIGHT” sort of humor and it’s got the same horrible art style. I am honestly baffled that this series was popular enough to get an anime. (Was Ai Mai Mii popular enough to warrant THIS series getting an anime?)

I know Japanese people have a different sense of humor compared to people in the west, but do the Japanese really love random-type humor this much? I have to wonder.

Anyway, Magical Somera-chan has a much “darker” sort of humor than Ai Mai Mii had, but just like Ai Mai Mii all the jokes are executed poorly. (Maybe the jokes are funnier in comic format? I have no idea.) There is a way to do “dark” humor and this is not it.

The only “good” thing about this anime is that it’s only 3 and a half minutes… so at least the pain is over quickly.

Out of five for these two episodes:


whatever, i give up on making captions for this awful anime

SO, my blogged series for this season will be Osomatsu-san and Lance n’ Masques (until it starts annoying me). Magical Somera-chan should take a note from Osomatsu-san on how to do wacky humor right.