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You ain’t gonna become an assassin with a pout like that, kid.


We rewind back in time a bit to Makio’s “kidnapping.” Surprisingly, Yuyan was actually under orders from Makio’s dad; and after wrecking Alice, Makio decides to go with them to prevent Yuyan and his thugs from hurting Alice further. We then return to present day. Alice is still pretty badly injured, and Yotaro wanders around Makio’s mansion wondering what to do. He bumps into Yuhua, who is gathering up some of Makio’s things.

Yuhua tells Yotaro that Kongoji is her and Yuyan’s adopted father, and that Kongoji saved them from Ban’s organization. However, Yotaro still can’t bear to stand by while Makio is sent overseas, and so goes to rescue her. He’s aided by his steed, Shirohime, as well Yoriko and Yuhua, who is a surprisingly good computer hacker. After passing through several barricades, Yotaro comes face to face with Kongoji, who also has a lance and a horse.

Badass maids are probably a cliche in anime but Yoriko’s too much of a BAMF for me to be bothered by it.

Yotaro can’t do much, as his own lance is still broken. However, a mysterious figure (watching the fight from the rooftops) summons down a new lance for Yotaro. It is the legendary lance that Yotaro’s father wielded. Amazingly, Yotaro manages to use it and easily defeats Kongoji in a lance battle. Makio is rescued, and everyone goes home.

Yotaro’s dad: literally looks 16

The mysterious figure from before is revealed to be Yotaro’s dad, Shin. Shin meets up with Makio’s dad, Akira, to tell him that he can’t always keep hiding Makio away as a means to “protect” her. However, Akira just tells Shin to stay the hell away from his daughter, because he remembers how Shin failed to protect someone close to him.


Back at Makio’s mansion, everything’s back to normal. Except that Makio has now ditched her “hero” persona and is attempting to be more lady-like in order to be Knight Lancer’s wife. Yotaro does not react well to this news.

Makio’s new outfit is nice I guess, but… her hero outfit… :c

My Opinion:

If you take this anime seriously, you will absolutely hate it. But if you accept it for what it is, which is essentially just… condensed anime shenanigans, then it’s so cheesy that it’s hilarious. This series isn’t attempting to be at all realistic (I’m looking at you, Yoriko) and the reveals in this episode were probably meant to be shocking, but they were just so ridiculous that I couldn’t help but be amused. Yotaro’s┬ádad looks 16. The only reason I knew it was his dad was because he gave Yotaro his lance. Also, Yuhua’s hacking tech was extremely over-the-top and came out of absolutely nowhere.

I think one of the things I like most about this series is that it’s not that fanservicey? It does fall into a LOT of anime cliches but it’s not as overtly fanservicey as it could have been. For example, Alice’s temper tantrum at Yotaro. She ends up jumping onto him and punching him, and it’s played totally seriously. Since she’s on top of him, the scene could have easily been turned into fanservice, but it didn’t and that’s somehow amazing to me. It’s somewhat sad that that’s so amazing to me, but that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, the fight scenes in this series are ridiculous and over-dramatic, and it’s great. The animation also manages to at least stay fairly consistent, though Makio’s face still looks kinda strange (it looks too droopy at times). The only thing I absolutely did not like about this episode was the ending–where Makio reveals that she wants to become a lady to be Knight Lancer’s wife. Like… uhhh???? Where did THAT come from? I’m mainly just sad because I loved Makio’s tomboyish personality. Also, I’m really hoping that this doesn’t develop into a forced “love triangle” between Yotaro, Makio, and Alice. I’m really hoping Alice’s anger at Makio wanting to be Yotaro’s wife was just a one-shot thing, because seriously Alice; SHE’S 6 YEARS OLD. Please don’t let Alice seriously consider a six-year-old her romantic rival. Maybe I’m just in denial, but it seems pretty obvious to me that Makio’s only having a puppy crush on Knight Lancer, and that it’s completely one-sided. (Yotaro actually seems really disturbed that Makio wants to be his wife.) Let’s just hope this series doesn’t make the relationship between Yotaro and Makio creepy by having him return her feelings.

Overall, not much else I can say. Some people might be upset at the female chars being damsels in distress (among other big problems this anime has) but I think it was justified in Makio’s and Alice’s case. Makio’s a six year old kid (what can a six year old kid possibly do against armed thugs?) and Alice was facing a guy wielding guns so things were not really in her favor. Anyway, if you’re still planning to watch this after this episode, then you probably already enjoy the series for what it is, which is really cheesy anime stuff.

Out of five:

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