And now for… huh?!?


This entire episode was basically just a series of one-shot gags, sometimes parodying films and other shows; and sometimes focusing on the brothers’ daily life. All of them very bizarre.

Do the siblings just have spare police outfits on hand or what

Not all that strange for brothers to spar like this, but ADULT brothers…?

Happy early Halloween, folks.

Not giving any context for this, but damn look at Todo’s (far left) face.

My Opinion:

The reason my summary is so short this time around is because I don’t want to spoil the jokes. Most of the humor of the jokes is due to the unexpected “twists” that come from these one-shot gag segments. I’m not lying when I say these segments are all very bizarre. You can basically expect some… very dirty jokes here; and that’s all I’m going to say. (And I mean dirty as in “potty humor” and also dirty as in “wow, that joke got past censors?”)

I didn’t find all the jokes funny, but the ones that actually made me laugh made me laugh HARD. This series knows how to deliver a good joke. I did prefer the segments where it showed off the brothers in their daily lives, though. Those were both funny and weirdly endearing.

To end, I know that there will be some out there who didn’t enjoy this episode much. The humor of this series IS very weird and not everyone likes that sort of thing. However, if we’re talking about weird humor, I much rather prefer Osomatsu-san’s clever humor compared to the “lol random” humor we so often get in anime. At least Osomatsu-san tries. If one-shot gags delivered one right after another isn’t your thing, we’re returning to a more “traditional” anime story format next episode; focusing on the siblings and their parents, and also finally formally introducing Totoko. I’m excited!

Out of five for this episode:

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I have probably not laughed that much in AGES.

Brothers who look so much alike and yet are so different from each other.