there be spoilers here

I still like the brother-sister relationship these two have… if the series starts making it creepy I’m going to destroy something.


Makio’s gone back to living at the mansion, and is also now attending school! Yotaro, Alice, and Yuhua also enroll in school. They all are able to go to the same school, as it is one that contains grade school, middle school, and high school together. While at school, Yotaro manages to befriend Sae, who was also the first girl that Yotaro “saved” in episode 1.

Meanwhile, Yuyan is still upset over his adopted father’s loss, and goes into the city to sulk. In the city, he meets with Yufeng, an old acquaintance of his who used to work for Ban. Yufeng is searching for “a strong Japanese man,” supposedly to avenge the downfall of Ban. Yuyan uses this to his advantage, and sends her after “Knight Lancer.”

gdi Yuyan already filled the “pouty kid assassin” role

Back with Yotaro, his ordinary school life is shattered when he’s inducted (against his will) into the Knight Club. Its members are Makio, Alice, Yuhua, Yoriko, and Shirohime, along with Sae (also drawn in against her will), Sylvia (who turns out to be Yotaro’s Knight senpai), and Nori (who had befriended Makio before Yotaro met her).

Man, look at this… uh, what would the female equilvalent of a sausage-fest even be called? A boob-fest?

are you sure about that

I think short hair x long bangs are cute but that’s just excessive. (in all seriousness tho this scene was pretty cute, if a bit out of nowhere)

On the way home from school after an exhausting day of training, Yotaro ditches the others when he senses trouble. Misunderstanding the meeting between Yufeng and remaining Ban members as the Ban members threatening Yufeng, Yotaro springs into action to “save” Yufeng. Unfortunately, that leaves Yotaro wide open to Yufeng, who immediately… hugs him? And calls him her papa?! What?!?


My Opinion:

While this anime is still fulfilling the “dumb anime tropes” quota, I wasn’t really as entertained by this episode compared to the last three. First of all, there are WAY too many new characters introduced here. Sae is okay, since she had already shown up in episode one. Sylvia and Nori, however, just seem unnecessary. Lance n’ Masques’ cast list is already big enough without these extras, not to mention the new “antagonist” that shows up here. I am not liking the current female-to-male cast ratio. Yotaro is the only (main) male character in a cast comprised of… like nine girls now? The last thing I want is for this series to become a harem series.

Actually, the new characters would be fine if they were introduced better. Sae and Yotaro seem way too chummy for classmates who just met, and Sylvia and Nori have “plot excuses” as to why the current cast already knows them. Sylvia is a fellow knight so Yotaro already knows her, and Nori was apparently one of Makio’s first friends. These plot circumstances smack of major ass-pulling… but whatever, I can let it slide. Yufeng, on the other hand, is almost unforgiveable. While the twist involving her was decent (I was genuinely surprised by it), do we really need another kid assassin? Honestly, Yotaro seems almost old in this cast composed of mostly kids to teenagers (…which would basically make Yoriko ancient). Also, “papa,” really??? Because what we really needed in this series is more loli subtext. /sarcasm

That said, I do like that the hinted love triangle between Makio, Yotaro, and Alice was dropped IMMEDIATELY. But I really don’t like what it was replaced by—which is a possible love… pentagon between Yotaro, Alice, Sae, Sylvia, and possibly Nori. Here’s hoping that there’s not too much romance stuff, since this series has been doing pretty good with that so far. The sudden high school stuff was also iffy, but it honestly wasn’t as bad as the Knight Club. More like the “make Yotaro do intense training while we just kick back and have tea and cookies” club. Seriously guys. Cut the dude some slack. Also, does Yotaro just magically have “someone is in trouble!” senses now or what; because how the hell did he know about Yufeng and the Ban members when he was so far away? …Anime!

Overall, this episode was kinda dull to me. A lot of exposition got regurgitated on us here, along with a lot of new characters. The plot of this series is still fairly dumb, and Yufeng’s situation will probably add to that. But hey, as long as this series still manages to be entertaining, I’m still gonna watch. Also Yotaro grew on me way too much and I really want a figure of him in Knight Lancer mode now.

Out of five for this episode:

precure heart2precure heart2

*whispers* still ridiculous