I attempt to keep spoilers to a minimum here, but the sort of comedy this series employs is really best watched blind. So SPOILER WARNING.

Never has a screencap so accurately captured the brothers’ personalities.


In the first act, the Matsuno sextuplets are still unemployed—only Choromatsu is worried about actually landing a job. When Choro berates his other brothers for being lazy freeloaders, Osomatsu asks; why should they bother looking for jobs? They have a house, clothes, food… but the brothers’ world is suddenly rocked when their parents decide to get a divorce and sell the house.

Jyushi is almost always happy, no matter what the situation. Almost.

However, Matsuyo (their mom) does decide to support some of the brothers, so there’s an impromptu interview session held to determine who will be her dependent(s). Obviously this just causes all the brothers to end up competing against one another. What happens in the end? Well, you’ll just have to watch the episode to find out.

The saddest interview session you will ever see.

In the second act, Osomatsu gets invited up to Totoko’s room and is super excited to be alone with Totoko. However, one of his brothers soon shows up, and another, and another, and another… And pretty soon most of the neighbors have shown up too! What gives? When Totoko finally shows herself, she reveals a shocking revelation!

“this is some party, right guys”

Totoko finally makes a proper appearance in the present timeline! I don’t know how to feel about her, actually.

The most disappointed fanboys.

My Opinion:

Okay, major spoiler warning here because I need to actually talk about what happened in this episode in order to review it properly.

Osomatsu-san continues to be an extremely funny series, and honestly, I like it much more when they’re focusing on the brothers’ usual life rather than attempting to reference things. The comedy from these “slice-of-life” episodes is so much cleverer, instead of simply relying on “DID YOU SEE THIS MOVIE ‘CAUSE WE MADE A REFERENCE TO IT” jokes. All the gags were just so perfectly timed. THAT is what makes for a good comedy series. You get that, gag anime that think they’re so funny when they’re not? COMEDIC TIMING. It’s important.

The thing I love most about this series is just how well the brothers’ personalities play off of each other. As Choromatsu is the designated “straight man” of the series, a lot of humor comes from his reactions to his brothers being lazy/silly/etc., but everyone else is also great. That scene near the end where Osomatsu and Todomatsu just completely beat the crap out of their brother… man, I never expected that Todomatsu could be so violent. And somehow (probably because it was Todomatsu) it just makes that scene so much funnier. Also, Choromatsu trying to win over his mom by suggesting grandkids, prompting the funniest and possibly most terrifying line to ever come out of a mother’s mouth…

While the first act was funny, I think I liked the second one just a tad more. I was hoping to get a more formal introduction to Totoko, because the series just kinda assumes everyone already knows her role in the story. Anyway, she’s the girl all the brothers are in love with in the original Osomatsu-kun anime, which provides a bit more context to why all the brothers were so excited to be invited to her room. Also, her family is apparently super rich or something (but not exactly through honest means). I have… no comment about how good (or bad) her singing is. All I will say is “nice costume.”

Overall, this was probably the funniest episode that we’ve had so far. The next episode seems to also focus on the brothers’ usual life, which I’m happy for. But even if it isn’t, I’ll still be watching.

Out of five for this episode:

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