SPOILERS obviously

This was basically my face too after watching the episode.


Continuing on from last time, Yufeng has declared that Knight Lancer is her father… and amazingly Yotaro agrees to this. However, he still seems to be in shock afterwards and even becomes a little depressed. Sylvia confronts him at school, to talk to him about Yufeng. Sylvia has been searching for Yufeng for a while now, attempting to get to her before the Ban members manage to recruit her back.

Meanwhile, Sae gets kidnapped by Yuyan, who uses her to lure Yotaro out. Yotaro obviously comes to the rescue, and it briefly seems like a dire situation as Yotaro has put down his lance and Yuyan is wielding two guns. Unfortunately for Yuyan, Yufeng also followed along, slicing through his guns and going on a murderous rampage against him for daring to threaten “her papa.” Yotaro has to stop for a bit to free Sae of her bonds, after which he goes after Yufeng and Yuyan.

Yuyan has now managed to earn my nickname of “little shit” because that’s what he is. Kid, you should have been dead multiple times over by now if it weren’t for everyone else coming to save your ass.

Okay, as much as I hate him, I still don’t like seeing characters get killed. But let me enjoy this scene while I can.

Luckily for Yuyan, he is protected by Sylvia, who arrives on the scene. Unfortunately for the both of them, Sylvia gets stabbed through the thigh after taking a hit meant for Yuyan. Even more unfortunately, Yotaro gets stabbed through the gut, taking what would have been a fatal blow for both Yuyan and Sylvia. Yufeng is horrified by what she’s done, and runs off to a cliff to cry. Yoriko confronts her, and beats her up for her crimes. Although Yoriko is angry enough to kill Yufeng, Yotaro intervenes. The two knights spar, but it ends in a stalemate. Thankfully, Yufeng manages to get away.

is that moon taken from a stock photo

i kinda stopped caring at this point tbh

Back at the mansion at a later time, both Yotaro and Slyvia have been patched up, thanks to Yoriko’s duex ex machina first aid skills. To both of their surprise, Makio comes home with Yufeng in hand. Because Makio is Knight Lancer’s “wife,” Yufeng has declared Makio her “mother.”

Wait, what?

jesus christ

My Opinion:

Man is this episode testing the limits of just how much anime bullshit I can handle, because this episode was pretty bad in a number of ways. First off, the animation was just terrible this time around. Lance n’ Masques’ art style isn’t that good to begin with (it’s rather generic to me, honestly), but this episode was just really poorly animated with a lot of noticeable shortcuts. A lot of scenes just had the character standing still while the camera zoomed in; and that scene where Makio tickles(?) Yotaro wasn’t even shown on screen.

The second, much more important reason why this episode was bad was due to all the anime bullshit. Yotaro proclaiming that he’s Yufeng’s dad… okay, that’s weird, but I can accept that. The face-off between Yuyan and Yotaro was pretty cool; even if I still hate Yuyan. Yufeng intercepting and deciding that killing Yuyan was her greatest priority—okay, that was actually pretty funny in a really morbid way. Sylvia getting stabbed: ouch. Yotaro getting stabbed: BIGGER OUCH. Yoriko vs. Yufeng? Now we’re talking. Yotaro somehow managing to save Yufeng from a fall in his condition, and also going against Yoriko in his condition… uh, Yotaro, shouldn’t you be dead by now? And then later when Yotaro’s just fine and Yufeng has been adopted into the family THAT easily… okay, now that is some massive anime bullshit.

What’s sad is that Yufeng’s situation could have been treated in a much more serious light, but it just got reduced to… THIS. Yufeng has obviously been severely abused and brainwashed, mainly by Ban; but I feel like her “Shifu” had a part in this too. She was raised from an extremely young age to just be a killing machine. But here she’s just reduced to “moe moe kyun” and that’s not only sad, that’s somewhat sickening. You guys had such a good chance to have some actual good character drama, and you wasted it Lance n’ Masques. For shame.

Overall… yeah; I’d say that the entirety of Yufeng’s situation is what’s leaving such a bad taste in my mouth. The last scene was also the most ham-fisted way of recruiting a new character into the “anime family” I have ever seen, but whatever. I’m done talking about this episode.

Out of five for this episode:


Rating for how outright dumb this episode was:

precure heart2 x 100