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A gang of bald terrorists known as the Paradisers are causing havoc in their efforts to persecute the wealthy and create a world where nobody has to work. Lead by the gigantic Hammerhead, they have their sights set on the richest guy in town – a gent named Zeniru who lies in a building with a giant golden turd on top of it – although Zaniru has a ninja bodyguard whom he sends out to get rid of them.
When Saitama finds out that people are now associating baldness with the Paradisers, he gets mad enough to hunt them down and teach them a lesson for stealing his look (as well as for making him look bad). He ends up running into the aforementioned ninja bodyguard – Sonic, who had already taken care of the Paradises (except for the boss, Hammerhead, who managed to escape) and another fight ensues, which results in Sonic apparently getting his dick broken and fleeing.

However, Saitama is incredibly upset to realize that Sonic had never heard of him, nor has he received any recognition for saving the city so many times beforehand. Genos suggests that Saitama actually register as a hero, which he had neglected to do all this time.

he is beauty he is grace

i dont have a crush on another robot shut up (i do)

Well, right when I started complaining that the show was getting too formulaic, OPM shakes it up a bit. We are introduced to some new characters – namely Sonic, who is a pretty straight parody of an average Naruto antagonist (right down to the stupid-sounding monologuing of what he is currently doing). We can tell Sonic is not a throwaway character for once because he escaped his encounter with Saitama alive, but also because he has an incredibly Anime Main Character design that I don’t expect will be going to waste (well that and he appears in the opening) There’s not really a lot that’s shown about him besides his aforementioned ridiculousness and creepy smile he cant help doing when excited, but he’ll definitely be back. A few people commented that it was nice to see that Saitama is capable of showing mercy – but the difference is that he didn’t see Sonic as a threat or as inherently bad. But most are going to remember Sonic’s first episode for his main contribution to it – the accidental dick-punch which is, come to think of it, probably the first time I have ever seen such a gratuitously animated dick-jiggle in an anime. So welcome to the future, I guess.

There’s also Mumen(Licenceless) Rider, who doesn’t seem to be a great superhero (his defining point is ‘rides a bike’) yet somehow manages to take credit for Saitama’s work. He doesn’t seem like a guy with malicious intentions, and I imagine we’ll see more of him eventually (he’s also in the opening) although I do think it would be funnier if the show never gets around to explaining what his deal is.

Here is Sonic, pictured not getting his dick smashed.

The mysterious ‘Mumen Rider’ (or ‘licenceless rider) who keeps stealing Saitama’s credit.

Out of 5,

Episode 5

um where are you looking saitama

Saitama and Genos go to take the national exam to be registered heros – an exam that is apparently so big and important and attracts so many thousands of applicants that it has to be held in multiple areas. The exam consists of multiple components and tests both physical and mental abilities. However, despite the fact that Saitama breaks all the records for the physical exams he still is only awarded recognition as a class C hero due to almost flunking the written part- which seems to be the bottom rung. Genos, on the other hand, is awarded class S, as the examiners had considered him a ‘person of interest’ due to them realizing he was the one that destroyed the House of Evolution a few episodes ago. (Saitama’s part in that episode was, as usual, not recognized.)
A class A hero called Snek (yes, really. Guess what animal he bases his fighting style on) is tasked with welcoming the two new heroes to the world of hero-ing, but immediately takes issue with Saitama’s blasse attitude. To the extent that he ends up challenging to a fight (which ends poorly for Snek, of course).

Since Saitama did promise Genos that he’d let him be his disciple if they managed to become proper heroes, he honours his word and Genos requests a match. As usual, Saitama is ridiculously overpowered and Genos once again has to accept that it’s impossible for him to match his level, and they both go out to udon instead where they (or rather, just Genos) get visited by A Mysterious Blue Haired Man (or Amai Mask).

Saitama’s faces are all just so good.

This whole damn part looked incredible.

In all honesty this was probably my favourite episode so far, for a lot of reasons. I was admittedly not looking forward to it as much because I kind of expected it would be ‘the training episode’. In a way it was, but it was so much more entertaining than any other generic ‘training episode’ in a shonen anime.

The exam parts were fun – particularly the contrast between Saitama breaking almost all the equipment from his own strength and him nonchalantly blowing bubble-gum and ignoring Snek.  But the real highlight of the episode came later, with Genos and Saitama’s ‘fight’, because it was honestly incredible. It’s just really, really satisfying to see such a  well choreographed anime fight scene, and I honestly don’t think I’ve seen one look so good since Fate/Zero. But what really gets me – and this is something Madhouse had to actually clarify on twitter because people were that floored by this episode – is the fact that One Punch Man actually had an average, modest budget, contrary to what most people had been assuming all along. It’s not money that’s making the show look so good, it’s the sheer love and dedication of the anime team that have this much committment to the show they’re working on. I kind of mentioned this in the first episode review – the animators have done a really good job at making their budget look bigger than it is through some neat tricks, but the amount of love and effort is also really apparent. It makes me really happy to know that there are animation teams that love a project so much, because it’s painfully obvious when the opposite happens.

I don’t really know what to make of this Amai Mask (or Sweet Mask if you will) fellow, but apparently he’s being introduced earlier than he was in the manga, and is apparently made to seem more threatening here. I definitely got a threatening vibe from him so I was actually surprised to hear that. I’m not sure how much of the manga this anime is going to be altering, and it makes me wonder if I should hurry up and read the manga or wait until this season is over.

The episode ended with Genos basically demanding to live with Saitama, which I found pretty funny because for the past few episodes I had been wondering where the hell he had been living all this time. I’m not sure if he had some deeper reason for this or if it was just the logical conclusion of his obsession with Saitama, but either way I’m all for it.

I love the middle-aged fangirl this guy apparently has.

help genos is too moe

Out of 5,