It’s a long story, kid.


Yufeng has a hard time adjusting to her new “family,” so Makio decides that they should all go to a hot springs resort in order to bond. When they get to the resort, Yufeng refuses to get in the water and also destroys the hot springs before running away. Luckily, Yotaro manages to track her down. It’s later revealed that Yufeng still considers her family incomplete because Knight Lancer isn’t there.

I’d rather take caps of Yotaro than all the fanservice shenanigans.

Later in the day, Yotaro and Sae manage to get away from the others to share a conversation. Sae knows about Yotaro’s “secret identity,” and even though she thinks he’s weird for being Knight Lancer, she still wishes for him to live a normal life.

Also, Yotaro in a maid outfit because… uh… just because.

Shirohime and scenery.

When the two come back to the resort later, they find that Yufeng has completely changed her attitude. Apparently, Yufeng wants to be “good” now so that she’ll be able to see Knight Lancer. That night, Yufeng goes out on her own and attempts to fix the damage she’s done to the hot springs. This causes Knight Lancer to appear, and he fixes the hot springs for her.

Everyone then happily bathes in the hot springs together; and it’s all’s well that ends well.

Knight Lancer, dramatic as always.

My Opinion:

You know how I was commending Lance n’ Masques for not being super fanservicey before? Well, it seems they saved all their fanservice for this episode. Fortunately, it’s still not as bad as it could have been. Even though it’s annoying that Yotaro keeps getting beat up due to anime misunderstandings, at least Yotaro is a decent guy who tries his best not to get into weird situations.

It might seem kinda…weird(?) that Makio doesn’t care if Yotaro sees her nude, but she is six so she might not really understand why girls and boys don’t bathe together. Doesn’t stop the creepy fanservicey shots of Makio, though; sigh. I mean, it is a hot springs episode so everyone’s nude, but come on. She is SIX YEARS OLD. Stop trying to show her naked body as much as possible, for god’s sakes! The nude shots of Yufeng are also kinda creepy, because she’s definitely older than Makio but also definitely younger than the rest of the cast. And of course she had to go running through the woods nude…

Other than hot springs stuff, there was some attempt made to show off a bit of Yotaro’s past. Yotaro seemed to be rather close to his dad (which is unfortunate since Yotaro’s dad is such a shitty father), and it seems that Yotaro also had a childhood friend. Unfortunately, he ended up offending her due to his “White Knight Syndrome,” which led to him being ashamed of it ever since then. I am sure Yotaro’s childhood friend definitely won’t be making an appearance later on in the series, nope.

Overall, this episode was kinda dumb. The quality of this series has really gone way down ever since Yufeng’s introduction. Now she hogs the spotlight instead of Makio, whose relationship with Yotaro is way more important. Eh, whatever. At least this episode wasn’t as annoying as it could have been.

This episode was way dumber than last episode, but managed to be less rage-inducing than last episode. So out of five, this episode gets:

precure heart2

Edit: Even Yotaro couldn’t manage to keep me invested. This series is now officially dropped.

Look at all of those unnecessary characters.