That doesn’t look comfortable

It’s that time of year – test results have just been passed back, and students all over Attack Junior High are celebrating a pass or mourning a fail. In Eren’s class, Armin receives a perfect score while Sasha and Connie both fail. While Connie brushes it off, Sasha resolves to pass her makeup tests and asks Armin to tutor her. Armin helps her with math by showing her how to imagine variables like “x” and “y” as the prices of foods she wnats to eat.

Meanwhile, Eren visits the Scouts to find upperclassman Oluo complaining about his score. A long argument with Petra leads to the group deciding to all share their test scores with one another. Oluo’s “bad grade” is revealed to be…a 94.

Further elsewhere, Hange attempts to use their high score to blackmail Levi into buying them food…except Levi’s score was in fact higher. Eren attempts to figure out why Hange is broke, which results in them revealing their secret: two captured Titans, whom Hange has nicknamed “Sawney” and “Bean” and hidden in the closet of the science room. The cost of their food uses up the entire club budget plus Hange’s allowance. Levi relents and “treats” Hange…to some dog food, to be used to feed the Titans.

After their study session, Sasha muses that she is impressed by Armin, and wants to do well on the makeup tests in his honor. Unfortunately, she gets caught up thinking about which food to make “x” and “y,” and fails the makeup test as well. Connie forgets about the test entirely and fails too, and both are put into refresher classes.

He’s playing the Attack on Titan 3DS game.

This was the first episode that tried to have multiple plots, focusing partly on Armin and Sasha studying, partly on Oluo and Petra arguing, and partly on the rest figuring out why Hange is broke. The result was that episode 5 does some things well and some things not so well, and evens out to a fairly middle of the road episode.

The section with Armin and Sasha was definitely the high point for me. These two don’t really interact much in canon, but do so absolutely adorable here. Armin’s earnest but cowardly personality makes a good foil to headstrong but spacey Sasha, and I loved watching the two study together. As the preview last week billed this as the main part of the episode, I was bummed to see how little time it got (and a little sad that Sasha ended up failing after Armin tried so hard, but given the series’ comedic nature I figured that that would happen.)

The weakest segment of the episode was definitely the Oluo and Petra bit. Petra is nice but bland, but Oluo is fairly obnoxious, and his whining over a terrible grade only to have in fact done well was not funny to me in the least. I’ve known way too many people who do that in real life, and trust me, it’s rarely amusing. The only part of that segment that made me smile was the brief bit of Oluo studying at home – his entire family shares his rather unique hairstyle and he has a ridiculous poster of Levi on his wall.

I wonder if that poster of Levi really exists.

Luckily, Hange’s segment was also mostly well done, and put this episode just above average for me. Another scene from the original story was interpreted well here – in this case, Hange’s capture of two Titans to study. The image of the Titans kept in the closet of the biology classroom and being fed dog food was very funny, as was the shot of Hange trying to take them for a walk at the end of the episode. I don’t mind these homages to original canon when they don’t monopolize the entire episode, and the Sawney/Bean bit is fairly funny in the original, so overall it worked out well. Levi continues to be unfunny and dull, though, so his presence brought that segment down a bit.

As the teaser for next episode was basically “comedic hijinks featuring Jean” we’ll see if the show decies to go back to one plot per episode, or continues this multiple scenes trend, and how it works out in future episodes.

A lot of adorable Armin and Hange lands this mixed bag of an episode this many Dios:


Just look at that face.