I really want to see more of the brothers’ house.


In the first act, the Matsuno siblings are invited to Hatabou’s birthday party. During the ten years since they haven’t seen him, he has apparently become some sort of billionaire. However, Hatabou’s mansion and servants are super creepy and the sextuplets are all sort of unnerved.

That’s not the weirdest thing about them, amazingly.


In the second act, the focus shifts to Iyami, who is apparently now homeless. Iyami attempts to make money through horse-race betting and getting a job, but this all fails. However, a sudden discovery is made about Iyami’s teeth, rocketing him into popularity.

This does not last long.

Geeze Chibita, you could at least offer him some food yourself.

I love how he needs an IV drip just for a chipped tooth.

My Opinion:

First off, the good news. Apparently Osomatsu-san is going to be a two-season anime! The second half is going to continue airing in the upcoming winter anime season. Obviously, I will continue to blog Osomatsu-san.

Okay, now, the bad news… I was honestly disappointed in this episode. It just didn’t feel as funny or fun as past episodes. The first act was nice in that it featured the brothers all together, but I’m guessing it flopped because the focus was more on introducing Hatabou. The jokes somehow felt lazier than usual. Instead of going for some smart gags, there was a lot of slapstick and “random” humor. Also, there was something kind of homophobic about the final gag. Sticking stuff into butts never really struck me as being funny, and especially in Japanese culture where it’s often used to make fun of gay men… the gag just made me feel sort of uncomfortable.

The second act portrayed some more of the dark/cruel humor that I expect will continue in this series. Except this time it was focused on Iyami instead of Karamatsu. I dunno, man. I like Iyami, but he’s probably better in small doses as a side character. When he’s the main focus of the act, the whole thing just gets boring quickly (in my opinion). There’s not much more to Iyami’s character other than his memetic “SHEEEEH”s and also that he’s sort of a slimy con-artist who pretends to be from France. Also, I get that there was supposed to be a lesson here: don’t let fame get to your head and make you a jerk to all your friends. Although in this case, I felt like Iyami was justified in ditching Osomatsu and Chibita because they weren’t very good friends to being with. Iyami being mean to Dayon was just cruel, however.

Overall, the humor in this series is still decent, but this episode just didn’t manage to make me laugh. I just hope that this episode was one bad dud out of many good ones, and not a sign that Osomatsu-san’s quality is going down. I’m slightly afraid now that I may have hyped up this series too much in the beginning. Perhaps I expected too much? Even though I didn’t really like the theme of last episode, it was still a better episode than this one. Anyway, I’ve already committed myself to blogging the entire series, so I’d be perfectly happy as long as the show is still fun and enjoyable to watch.

Out of five:

precure heart2precure heart2 and 1/2

Rags to riches, to rags again…