This episode has a rather nice twist ending, so I’ll put a SPOILER warning here.

Jean rocking some…fabulous?….new hair.

Jean is feeling down because all of the girls ignore him, but is cheered when he finds a mysterious love letter in his shoe locker. He shoes up at school the next day with a slick new hairstyle, feeling that the love letter has made him “cool”.

He attempts to determine which girl could be the sender, fantasizing about dates with Sasha, Christa, Ymir, Petra, Rico, Mikasa and Annie. He also misinterprets a conflict between Mikasa and Annie as being about himself. When Annie beats him up as a result, another love letter accidentally falls out of her pocket.

On the way home from school, the group sees Annie putting a letter into Jean’s locker. It requests for him to come to the park after school. However, Annie reveals that the letters were actually from a mysteirous friend of hers…who turns out to be a Titan. Apparently, she had misinterpreted her throwing his lunch at her while running away as a declaration of love. Of course, he rejects her. Crying, the Titan runs away. Sasha attempts to cheer Jean up by offering him surrogate girlfriends…a daikon and a piece of curry bread.

I love Mikasa’s ‘surprised’ face.

This was, hands down, the best episode of Shingeki Kyojin Chuugakkou yet. It gave fan favorite character Jean time to shine – but of course, being Jean, he was not allowed to escape the horrible luck that plagues him throughout both incarnations of the series. He provided many moments that had me laughing out loud, such as his fantasies of dating various girls and his attempt at a “cool” hairstyle….which turned out to be anything but.

Episode 6 also successfully pulled off something that I had originally doubted SKC could pull off: featuring the Titans in any role other than destructive bullies. Previous episodes had had the Titans relatively unchanged, merely on a smaller scale, eating lunch and graffiti-ing walls rather than eating people. However the reveal of the Titan who was smitten with Jean (and I’m not up to date on my ensemble darkhorse Titans, but isn’t that the fan favorite ‘Kawaii Titan’?) was absolutely hilarious, and seeing a giant Titan blush and hide behind playground equipment was strangely adorable. Not to mention her reveal featured some nods to climactic scenes in the show, another little joke fans could pick up on without it being too in your face or overwhelming.

I also appreciated the scattering of really great background gags – Professor Shadis teaching the class ‘math’ via problems about fighting Titans, or the wall lined with drawings of characters (mostly hilariously bad) done by other characters. The statues around the school (featuring Titans posed like heroes or scholars) are also a continuously amusing background joke.

I really don’t have anything to say about this episode other than that it was hilarious, and I hope it’s a sign that Shingeki Kyojin Chuugakkou has found its stride. (Though as next episode seems to be heavily Levi-centric….we’ll see).

Four Dios for this excellent episode:


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